Kissing can cause herpes

MELBOURNE: If you think a kiss is just a kiss, you might want to think again, for the simple pleasure now comes with a health warning-it can cause herpes. The Australian Herpes Management Forum, which is to start an awareness campaign, has warned that a kiss is a major transmitter of herpes. The symbol of affection “poses risks to both adults and children”.

“No parent kissing their child or partner kissing their girlfriend wants to pass along the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), but people should be aware this is the main method of transmission. Once you have been infected with HSV-1 or HSV-2, the virus stays in your body for life and can reactivate at any time,” the Australian media quoted AHMF’s Executive Director Tricia Berger.

“If you have a herpes sore on or near your mouth, it is likely that you’ll pass the virus along to whomever you kiss. It is also possible to transmit the virus even when there are no apparent sores or symptoms, but the risk is higher when the sores are visible,” Berger said.

HSV-1 is the variant of the virus otherwise referred to as cold sores. It is commonly acquired as a child from contact, often a kiss, with adult relatives.

Berger said the herpes risk posed by kissing would be the main theme of a new community service awareness campaign. Television and radio ads will be aired nationally from August up to National Herpes Awareness Day, in October.

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Live: Fear grips Nepal as quake toll crosses 1,500; people spend night in open

03:25 AM

Joseph Nathan, editorial advisor at Himalayan Times writes for The Times of India, warns of another crisis.03:00 AM

Members of Virginia Task Force 1 pack and prep their gear on April 25, 2015 at their Chantilly, Virginia, headquarters, before deploying to conduct search and rescue operations in Nepal. (AFP Photo)

02:33 AM

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon condoles deaths in Nepal quake

02:09 AM

People in Nepal spending night in the open

01:39 AM

Fear grips Kathmandu, people spend night out on the streets and open areas of fear of more tremors.

01:37 AM

Nepal earthquake: Survivors recount horror

01:27 AM

Sand artist Sudarshan Pattnaik creates a sand sculpture with message ‘Help the Earthquake Victims’ at Puri beach on Saturday. (PTI Photo)

01:18 AM

US sending disaster team, initial $1 million to Nepal

John Kerry01:15 AM

Uttar Pradesh govt offers help for quake-hit Nepal

Uttar Pradesh government has assured all possible help to Nepal in the wake of the devastating earthquake and will send water, food packets and medicines to the Himalayan country.01:15 AM

Israel sending aid team to Nepal after quake

Israel was sending a delegation to Nepal to determine what help it can offer after the massive earthquake there that claimed more than 1,000 lives, officials said on Saturday.01:12 AM

John Kerry offers condolences to Nepal earthquake victims

US secretary of state John Kerry and the White House today expressed condolences to the families of those killed in the devastating earthquake in Nepal and the neighbouring region including India.01:06 AM

A fourth aircraft with 160 is expected to leave Kathmandu by about 1am tonight

12:59 AM

Relief materials and equipment for earthquake assistance being loaded on aircraft bound for Kathmandu

12:47 AM

India’s U-14 girls team stuck in Nepal due to earthquake

Eighteen members of India’s Under-14 girls football team find themselves stuck in Nepal following a massive earthquake, amid anxious wait that the rescue team sent from their home country will fly them out of the devastated Himalayan nation.12:44 AM

A fourth aircraft with 160 is expected to leave Kathmandu by about 1am tonight

12:38 AM

Have directed Army to lend all possible help to the civil administration in Bihar : Manohar Parrikar

12:37 AM

285 NDRF team members have been flown in from India in 3 IAF aircrafrts to assist Nepal Army

12:23 AM

Families choose to spend night in the open at Gandhi Maidan in Patna on Saturday in view of next coming earthquake tremors. (TOI Photo by KM Sharma)

12:17 AM

Aircraft with 103 Indians rescued from Nepal lands at Palam airport

12:11 AM

Families choose to spend night in the open at Gandhi Maidan in Patna on Saturday due to the fear of earthquake. (TOI Photo by KM Sharma)

12:04 AM

312 stranded Indians evacuated from Nepal in 3 IAF flights

11:13 PM

Watch: First batch of 55 Indians stranded in Nepal arrive in Delhi

11:10 PM

Watch: Over 25 dead, 133 injured in Bihar

11:05 PM

Watch: Earthquake death toll has crossed 1,500: Nepal I&B minister

10:05 PM

People search for survivors stuck under the rubble of a destroyed building.

10:03 PM

Nepal’s pain is our pain, says PM Modi

09:56 PM

Emergency rescue workers carry a victim on a stretcher after Dharahara Tower collapsed. (Getty Images)

09:50 PM

People inspect the damage of the collapsed landmark Dharahara, also called Bhimsen Tower.

09:43 PM

India confirms two of its citizens have died in Nepal quake.

09:36 PM

Death toll in India: Bihar — 30, Uttar Pradesh — 12, West Bengal — 3

09:13 PM

IAF evacuates 52 Indians from Nepal.

08:48 PM

Death toll in India: Bihar — 28, Uttar Pradesh — 10, West Bengal — 3

08:26 PM

Bihar CM confirms 25 deaths in the state from earthquake

08:25 PM

IAF to bring first batch of Indians home from Nepal

08:23 PM

08:14 PM

Nepal earthquake toll rises to 970

08:04 PM

08:03 PM

07:49 PM

Earthquake triggers Everest avalanche, 10 killed.

07:43 PM

NDRF Chief OP Singh says that 5 NDRF teams have been sent to Bihar & UP and 10 teams have flown to Nepal.

07:43 PM

Indians in Nepal may please contact our mission in Kathmandu: Sushma Swaraj

07:38 PM

Ministry of Railways to send 4 lakh litres of Rail Neer in next four days to Nepal.

07:35 PM

I spoke to the PM and President of Nepal. Have assured them that our entire nation is with them in this hour of need.

PM Narendra Modi07:32 PM

7 pediatricians from Gujarat stranded in a Kathmandu hotel. Nearly 70 Gujarati pilgrims had a close shave with quake.

07:02 PM

UP government announces compensation for the quake victims

UP CM Akhilesh Yadav increases the earthquake relief to Rs 7 lakh for every death and all medical help to the injured for free.07:00 PM

Devendra Fadnavis takes steps to help Maharashtra tourists in Nepal

The state government has set up a cell at the Maharashtra Sadan in Delhi to help people from the state to locate their relatives and near ones in Nepal. The helpline of this cell is 011-23380325 and will work under Sameer Sahai, who is Additional Resident Commissioner of Maharashtra Sadan.06:59 PM

Nepal’s pain is our pain.

PM Narendra Modi06:56 PM

BSNL to cut call rates to Nepal

It has been decided that for the coming 3 days, BSNL calls to Nepal will be charged local rates: Ravi Shankar Prasad on Nepal earthquake06:51 PM

133 injured in Bihar

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar confirms reports of 133 people injured in the state due to earthquake so far.06:46 PM

Death toll in Nepal rises to 876: Reuters

MEA 24 hour Control Room numbers for Nepal Earthquake:<br />
+91-11-2301-2113<br />
+91-11-2301-4104<br />
+91-11-2301-7905<br />
Email: <a href=”” needshandler=”needsHandler”>controlroom@mea

06:40 PM

06:36 PM

Massive rescue operation in Kathmandu, emergency declared.

06:27 PM

People search for survivors after the earthquake.

06:25 PM

First Indian Air Force aircraft with NDRF personnel and relief materials lands in Nepal.

06:12 PM

NDRF teams and relief material being sent to Kathmandu. (ANI Photo)

06:10 PM

At least five persons, including an 83-year-old woman, were killed in Tibet after a powerful earthquake of 7.9 magnitude jolted neighbouring Nepal.

06:07 PM

Earthquake demolished temples

06:05 PM

MEA sets up 24-hour control room in Nepal

06:01 PM

Nepal quake death toll reaches 758: Officials

06:00 PM

Army Chief Gen Dalbir Singh is in touch with his Nepalese counterpart regarding their requirements.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar05:56 PM

Baba Ramdev had a narrow escape after the stage he was addressing from collapsed in Kathmandu earthquake: ANI

05:53 PM

25 deaths in Bihar, 3 in West Bengal, 6 in Uttar Pradesh.

05:50 PM

34 people killed, hundreds injured in India.

05:49 PM

Stairs of a school at Belbanwa in Motihari broken due to earthquake.

05:39 PM

Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu has been left devastated with roads split open, and homes and iconic landmarks collapsed into rubble.

05:37 PM

Family member of Indian Embassy staffer in Nepal is dead.

Foreign Secretary of India S Jaishankar05:33 PM

2 more aircraft will fly out later today, carrying NDRF teams. A third aircraft will fly from Bhatinda.

Foreign Secretary of India S Jaishankar05:29 PM

Nepal quake is the worst temblor to hit the poor South Asian nation in over 80 years.

05:26 PM

Bihar announces compensation of Rs 4 lakh for dead.

05:25 PM

East Champaran DM Bharat Dubey confirms 5 death in his district due to earthquake.

05:24 PM

People carry the body of a victim from a damaged house after the earthquake, in Kathmandu, Nepal. (Reuters Photo)

05:13 PM

Emergency Operation Centre numbers

05:10 PM

Emergency declared in Nepal after massive earthquake.

05:05 PM

Nepal death toll reaches 688: Senior home ministry official of Nepal

05:04 PM

Helpline number of the Indian Embassy in Nepal

05:02 PM

Death toll in Nepal after massive earthquake rises to 618: Officials

05:00 PM

Volunteers carry an injured woman after an earthquake in Kathmandu. (AP photo)

04:56 PM

PM Modi directs immediate dispatch of relief and rescue teams to Nepal

04:54 PM

Death toll in Nepal after massive earthquake rises to 597: Officials

04:54 PM

Body of a victim lies trapped in the debris in Kathmandu following the earthquake. (Reuters photo)

04:51 PM

People carry the body of a victim from a damaged house after earthquake in Kathmandu.

04:49 PM

Pillar number 84 of Gandhi Setu in Patna got crack due to the earthquake.

04:44 PM

Nearly 125 people from Maharashtra and Telangana are stranded in Nepal.

04:35 PM

PM Modi orders immediate dispatch of relief and medical teams to Nepal, directs evacuation of Indian tourists.

04:24 PM

Avalanche buries part of Nepal Everest base camp after earthquake, eight dead: Reuters

04:19 PM

1 team of NDRF has left for Nepal at 3:45 pm. 5 teams at Hindon Air Force Base and 4 at Bathinda, waiting to depart.

04:13 PM

One C-130J Superhercules aircraft of IAF has just taken off from Hindon with NDRF teams for Kathmandu. After dropping the NDRF team, C-130J will perform aerial recee to check road communication to Pokhara and return to Hindon.

04:01 PM

Nepal death toll from quake rises to 449, Reuters reports

03:53 PM

2 IAF planes carrying relief material from India to Nepal take off from Hindon airbase in UP.

03:49 PM

Nepal quake: More than 150 killed

03:46 PM

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan says situation is stable in the state.

03:44 PM

Death toll due to earthquake in Bihar has reached 14

03:39 PM

I spoke to PM Sushil Koirala, who is in transit in Bangkok on his way to Kathmandu. Assured all support and assistance during this tough time.

PM Narendra Modi03:38 PM

Old walls of Indian Embassy in Nepal collapse

03:33 PM

PM speaks to Nepal PM, Shri Sushil Koirala and assures him of all assistance to deal with the situation arising due to the earthquake.

03:22 PM

Aftermath of earthquake in Kathmandu. (Photo: Twitter/ANI)

03:21 PM

12 aftershocks hit Kathmandu

03:18 PM

Buildings collapse in Agra, Siliguri

03:15 PM

Aftershocks are still continuing in Kathmandu.

03:08 PM

Deep K Upadhyay, Nepal ambassador to India, says that PM Modi is in contact with Nepal authorities

03:05 PM

Over 150 dead in Kathmandu post 7.9 magnitude earthquake, Nepal’s ministry of home affairs says: CNN

03:05 PM

Affect is more in Kathmandu valley, request India to provide us assistance: Deep K Upadhyay (Nepal ambassador to India)

03:05 PM

Deep K Upadhyay, Nepal ambassador to India, comments on the number of lives lost

03:02 PM

24-hour control room for queries regarding tragic Nepal earthquake

India’s MEA opens 24-hour control room for queries regarding tragic Nepal earthquake.

+91 11 2301 2113

+91 11 2301 4104

+91 11 2301 7905

03:00 PM

TOI reporter Madan Kumar reports: 9 killed, 30 injured in Bihar

03:00 PM

Kathmandu airport shut post earthquake

02:58 PM

Kathmandu main civil hospital says 36 bodies counted so far after quake, scores being treated: Reuters

02:54 PM

Nepal’s Kantipur TV shows at least 21 bodies lined up on ground after 7.9 earthquake: Reuters

02:50 PM

Indian Army Everest expedition team along with Sherpas are safe

Sitanshu Kar, Spokesperson MoD02:43 PM

Google India launches Person Finder instance

02:42 PM

Indian Army expedition at Mount Everest is safe

02:41 PM

Kathmandu’s Darbar Square in ruins after earthquake

02:39 PM

Several mountaineers reported missing as Avalanche strikes Mount Everest region. Indian Army contingent too present there.

02:31 PM

The national crisis management committee, headed by the cabinet secretary, is holding an emergency meeting in the wake of the Nepal earthquake.

02:30 PM

Indian Air Force transport and helicopter assets are on standby for any task given by the government.

02:30 PM

Defence ministry puts Indian Army, BRO and IAF assets on standby for any task in view of the earthquake.

02:23 PM

Former Nepal PM’s reaction on the natural disaster

02:22 PM

My prayers and heartfelt wishes with families affected by earthquake in Nepal and India

Yogendra Yadav02:21 PM

Helpline numbers of Indian embassy in Kathmandu

You can get in touch with Indian embassy in Kathmandu on these numbers: 0977 98511 07021, 0977 98511 3514102:20 PM

Historic Dharahara tower collapses in Kathmandu

02:15 PM

Quake triggers landslides in Sikkim

A series of minor landslides have been reported from various places in the state.02:10 PM

Many places have been badly affected. I am going to Bihar to give info to PM from field: RP Rudy, in charge of earthquake damage assessment.

02:09 PM

Many places have been badly affection. I am going to Bihar to give info to PM from field

RP Rudy, incharge of earthquake damage assessment02:08 PM

At least five reported dead in India: Times Now

02:02 PM

Five NDRF teams fearing damage due to quake rushed from Patna to north Bihar districts of Supaul, Madhepura, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Sitamarhi.

01:58 PM

The Dharahara Tower, built in 1832, was a historic landmark that had been open to visitors for the last 10 years and had a viewing balcony on its eighth floor.

01:58 PM

At least 50 people trapped in Kathmandu’s 19th century Darahara Tower

01:57 PM

We have decided to help the family of those who have died with Rs 2 lakh, and Rs 20,000 for those injured

Akhilesh Yadav01:53 PM

Extensive damage caused by quake in Nepal

01:53 PM

Injured people receive treatment outside the Medicare Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal

01:52 PM

We have asked administration to be alert and help anywhere they can

Akhilesh Yadav, UP CM 01:50 PM

Grand Bhimsen tower before and after quake in Nepal(Picture: Twitter)

01:48 PM

Government has placed its disaster response agencies on full alert: Rajnath Singh

01:43 PM

Nepal quake triggers avalanches in Mount Everest region

01:42 PM

There is no preliminary report of damage anywhere in India due to quake, says home minister Rajnath Singh.

01:40 PM

Emergency numbers: Police range (Kathmandu) 4261 945, 4261 790

01:37 PM

I appeal to people to maintain calm. Officials out in the field to assess the situation: Delhi CM Kejriwal

01:34 PM

Second quake of 6.6 magnitude hits near Lamjung, Nepal

01:32 PM

Patients evacuate hospital in Siliguri (West Bengal) due to tremors that were felt.

01:27 PM

Media reports from Nepal say that historical tower Dharahara (similar to Delhi’s Qutb Minar) in Kathmandu has collapsed due to earthquake.

01:26 PM

Delhi quake measured 5 on Richter scale: IMD

01:24 PM

PM Modi speaks to MP CM Shivraj Chouhan

01:24 PM

According to reports, at least two are dead after Nepal quake. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

01:23 PM

At least two dead after Nepal quake

01:21 PM

Houses collapse due to earthquake in Anamnagar, Kathmandu (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

01:21 PM

Quake destroys buildings in Nepal capital

01:20 PM

PM Modi has taken report of the situation in districts of UP and Bihar that are bordering Nepal. He has also spoken to the Sitamarhi MP.

01:16 PM

The PMO has spoken to the Indian embassy in Bhutan in the wake of the earthquake. Embassy is in touch with top Bhutan officials as well.

01:14 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks to UP chief Akhilesh Yadav about the earthquake situation.

01:10 PM

On instructions of PM Modi all disaster management mechanisms have been activated in districts of Bihar/UP along Nepal border.

01:07 PM

PM Narendra Modi calls high-level meeting at 3pm to discuss situation emerging due to earthquake.

01:00 PM

National radio of Nepal is appealing people to stay outdoors because more aftershocks are feared. It is also asking people to maintain calm.

12:59 PM

Several buildings collapsed in the center of the capital, including centuries-old temples, said resident Prachanda Sual:(AP reports)

12:59 PM

Dozens of people with injuries are being brought to the main hospital in central Kathmandu. There was no immediate estimate on fatalities.

12:56 PM

Nepal earthquake upgraded to 7.9 magnitude (Picture: Twitter(Guna Raj Luitel@gunaraj)

12:51 PM

Quake survivors with broken limbs rushed to Kathmandu hospitals: Reuters

12:50 PM

Nepal earthquake upgraded to 7.9 magnitude, only 2km deep: USGS

12:50 PM

PM Modi is trying to reach Nepal PM Shri Sushil Koirala, who is abroad. He has spoken to President of Nepal Shri Ram Baran Yadav: PMO in a tweet

12:49 PM

Everything was shaking: Patna residents

12:45 PM

Meanwhile, stampede in Kutchery (Varanasi) after earthquake. People were protesting against Arvind Kejriwal when earthquake hit. More details awaited.(ANI reports)

12:44 PM

In the wake of the earthquake, PM speaks to Sikkim CM Pawan Chamling.

12:43 PM

PM Narendra Modi speaks to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar in connection with the earthquake.

12:41 PM

Nepal’s information minister Minendra Rijal said that there are reports of damage in and around Kathmandu but no immediate word on casualties.

12:31 PM

We are trying to reach out to those affected in India and Nepal: PM Modi

News has come in about an earthquake in Nepal. Several parts of India also experienced tremors. We are in the process of finding more information and are working to reach out to those affected, both at home and in Nepal, PM Modi says.12:27 PM

We are in the process of finding more information and are working to reach out to those affected, both at home and in Nepal

Narendra Modi, PM12:27 PM

PM Narendra Modi tweets

12:21 PM

Aftershocks hit north India

12:20 PM

Some buildings have collapsed in Nepal capital Kathmandu, Reuters reported.

12:20 PM

The Delhi Metro, which had stopped its trains, has resumed services again.

12:20 PM

The epicentre of the earthquake is reported to be in Nepal.

12:20 PM

Tremors were also felt in Ranchi, Jaipur, Guwahati and parts of Uttar Pradesh.

12:20 PM

Massive tremors were felt on Saturday morning in Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata and other parts of northern India.

12:12 PM

Massive tremors were felt on Saturday morning in parts of northern India around 11.45am.

Health PersonalCare" data-amazonlocal="com" data-amazonactive="1" data-clickbankactive="1" data-shareasaleid="" data-shareasaleactive="1" data-cjactive="1" data-ebayactive="1" data-ebayid="" data-bestbuyactive="1" data-bestbuyid="" data-walmartactive="1" data-walmartid="" data-envatoid="" data-envatosite="" data-envatoactive="1" data-aurl="" data-notimes="20" data-apidata='' >

Between God and the Accused

Designated TADA judge Pramod Dattaram Kode goes to work every day in a bullet-proof ambassador in the halo of Z-plus security. For over eleven years he has actually been presiding over Asia’s longest terror trial and he hasn’t missed a single day. Not even when his father expired a few years ago. He has actually spent thousands of hours surveying the arguments for and versus the people who were responsible for the serial blasts that rocked Mumbai in 1993.

The mood is not always grim in his court. The judge displays a mischievous streak at times. He would certainly spring a joke on an unsuspecting lawyer and there would certainly be a twinkle in his eye. Otherwise, his face is a sombre mask, hard to comprehend. His brooding eyes are transfixed on the lawyers, betel nut in his mouth. Most of his fingers are adorned with rings. He is somewhat affected by numerology (his favourite numbers are nine and one) and likes to pass certain orders on certain dates.

The nature of the case is so sensitive that he is one of the most guarded men in the country. Forty-five men stand sentry. He never steps out of his Brand-new Marine Lines residence except when he has actually to go to court or when he goes on his annual Shirdi visit. He lives with his wife and two daughters, one of whom is now studying law. His security men accompany his daughters too, wherever they go.

Kode is regarded as a tough man with a soft core. He has actually allowed some accused to visit their ailing parents or to attend the marriages of their children. He has actually also been compassionate with those who had to travel for commercial reasons, like an accused who was dealing in fabric and said he had to go to Lucknow for a wholesale purchase. He has actually entertained more than 10,000 such miscellaneous applications, a record of sorts. The 57-year-old judge doesn’t have any grey hair though.

His courtroom is large and stuffy. It may have been the first in Mumbai to be modernised – with a mike and a computer, which has actually its own story. The clerks kept reducing the point size of the fonts because the case history was becoming so voluminous. This Friday, the outdated computer broke down, probably in revolt. The courtroom resembles a classroom, with wooden benches and one man with all the authority. Here, the 123 accused have lounged around like college kids catching up on the times whenever they met. The front-benchers, like the Memons, follow the proceedings seriously and don’t do small talk, but the back-benchers enjoy a quiet chat. The judge rarely, if ever, raises his voice in court. The accused had begun to treat him like family and a few years ago even presented him a large handmade Diwali card. It used to adorn the notice board until a few days ago. But now, with the sentences being handed out, it’s hard to say if the warmth would certainly stay.

Kode joined the judiciary in the 1980s. He was a sessions court judge trying ordinary Indian Penal Code cases then and later in 1993 became a special judge under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act where for three years he tried several cases filed versus notorious gangsters Dawood Ibrahim, Arun Gawli, Amar Naik, Ashwin Naik and Chhota Rajan. He was given Y-class security in 1994. In 1996, when he was transferred to the Arthur Road court complex carved out of the high-security Arthur road prison barrack, his security was enhanced. He was upgraded to the Z-category by the year-end and later to Z-plus.

The judge does not have an insurance cover as the state government continues to drag its feet on its promise of a Rs 25 lakh life insurance policy. Earlier, when judge J N Patel was conducting the trial before his elevation to the Bombay High Court, the government had suggested a Rs 50 lakh insurance cover.

Kode has actually declared 100 accused guilty, including three women and acquitted the remaining 23. He is now going through the essential task of sentencing the accused. Film star Sanjay Dutt’s fate too, is in his hands. More than anybody, he is glad that it is all coming to an end. It’s improbable though that he would certainly ever walk like a free man.

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Contracted Medical Diagnostic Facility

In 2013, the CEO of this firm embarked on an innovative pointer of bringing a clinical lab service close to the community. He started building labs in physicians’ offices, at a cost that was much less compared to outsourcing the procedures. The benefits likewise include much quicker turnaround time for the medical provider/s as well as the patient. As of March 2015, he has actually already constructed 3 labs and one more substantial lab is under construction.

Projected revenue for each of the next 3 years increases dramatically from $1 million in 2015 to $4 million in 2016 to $8 million in 2017. The CEO is responsible for licenses, compliance and testing using a turnkey operations approach.

Gym And Sports Facility For Sale

Business Summary

This gym comes with a very loyal following of approximately 100 clients and a solid name within the community. Offering one on one personal training the gym has an 85-90% retention rate. All equipment in like new condition. BRAND NEW CONSTRUCTION on lower level – Housing a TOP NOTCH HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER – generating rental income. Locker rooms, showers, 3 offices and 2 storage rooms. GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO FRANCHISE. Low rent and excellent location. Ample free parking behind location. This is a must see!


Asking Price Range:  $250K – $500K

Gross Revenues:  


Cash Flow:  


Cash Flow Type:  Sellers Discretionary Cash

Seller Financing:  Not Disclosed

About The Business

Year Established:  1998

Number of Employees:  1 – 3

Relocatable:  Not Disclosed

Franchise:  Yes

Current Real Estate:  Leased

Property:  Property For Sale

About The Sale

Management Training and Support:  Seller will provide training.
Reason For Selling:  Personal.


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Dr. Eric Pearl: Founder of The Reconnection

Our Host: 

Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, Speaker, Consultant, and  Community Advocate. Pelase learn more about Svetlana

Our Guest: 

Eric Pearl, DC, founder of The Reconnection, has actually been featured in top media including The Dr. Oz Show, The Brand-new York Times and CNN. He has actually presented at leading venues including the United Nations and Madison Square Garden. His internationally best- selling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in 39 languages, has actually been endorsed by such notables as Deepak Chopra, MD and Wayne Dyer, PhD.

 Dr. Pearl was running a successful chiropractic practice in Los Angeles when a collection of unusual occurrences led him to realize that his purpose was far beyond anything he had previously known. Patient after patient reported healings from cancers, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and other severe health conditions, simply when Dr. Pearl held his hands near them.

Reconnective Healing is comprehensive, yet easy-to-learn. The Essentials of Reconnective Healing® Seminar is conducted in just one weekend. Expanded training to become a professional practitioner immediately follows along with the Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner ProgramTM. Eric has actually 3 training programs coming up all over the US, where people can participate and gain tools to become their own healing instrument. 


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Use a bench to make sure you’re doing squats along with the proper technique. Lower yourself as though you were sitting in a chair, positioning the bench in the area behind where you’re squatting. Push yourself up once you hit the bench.

A good run is one of the most effective exercises around. There is a method to running that involves a partnership between the speed and pace at which you are running. During your run, start out slow, increase speed throughout the middle, and run as fast as you can during the end. One of the simplest exercises is likewise the most effective – running. There are methods to follow when it comes to the pacing and speed of your runs. Start out slowly, then in the middle of the run increase the speed. At the end of your run, go as fast as possible.

Swimming is by far one of the greatest ways to increase fitness . Swimming can burn more calories than anything else. The internal temperature of a swimmer cools quickly as they are usually in the water for long periods of time. Because of these cooling effects, swimmers don’t tend to overheat like other athletes. Hardcore swimmers burn exceptionally high amounts of calories. Swimming is an ideal exercise for anybody looking to achieve overall fitness . Swimming is at the top of its class for the expenditure of calories. While swimming, your internal temperature cools down rather quickly. This means that the risk of overheating that comes along with most sports is not as much of an issue for swimmers. This enables swimmers to exercise for a prolonged period of time. For all of the serious swimmers, the amount of calories that are being burned is extremely high.

If you pay your trainer in advance, you will feel more motivated to go. You will be more likely to show up when you know that you will be wasting good money if you don’t. Pay your trainer in advance; that way you feel like you have actually to go. If you are somebody who hates to waste money, this will be an effective strategy because you will want to get your money’s worth from the training.

Leg crunches performed in reverse are fabulous for strengthening your legs. The leg in front will then get a great full muscle workout. The only difference between this type of crunch and an ordinary leg crunch is that you are stepping backward rather than forward. By doing reverse leg crunches in addition to the standard ones, you will increase the overall muscle strength in your legs. This will increase the amount of resistance on the forward leg for a better overall leg workout. Reverse leg crunches are performed like a standard leg crunch would certainly be, but you will be stepping back instead of forward.

These tips show that getting back in shape is not as hard as you think it may be. If you have actually the time, work ethic, determination and patience, then you have actually what it takes. These are essential traits in life. If you have actually succeeded in other areas of your life, you can certainly succeed when it comes to fitness . Just apply yourself, and get it done. The tips provided here will show you that it is not as difficult as you may think to get back into shape. The Debate Over Losing Weight

Hysterectomy through belly button leaves no scars

LONDON: In a surgical feat, doctors have actually operated on a woman which they claim is the very first hysterectomy in Europe through a tiny incision in her belly button, leaving no visible outward scars.

The technique, known as single incision laparoscopic surgery, is the latest development in keyhole surgery where the instruments are inserted through the belly button including a tiny camera and surgeons manoeuvre inside using a TV monitor.

Surgeon Thomas Ind, that led the group which carried out the hysterectomy — the surgical removal of the uterus — on the woman named Debbie Price, said the method is only an extension of exactly what is already being done along with keyhole methods.

“Instead of making three or four holes for instruments we just make one hole. The patients like the idea of not having three or four little scars across their tummy”, he said. Price, 46, decided to go for the operation after suffering for years along with adenomyosis — a painful condition where the womb lining grows into muscle of the uterus.

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