Author Shawon Watson speaks of his latest book “Kissing Your Heartache Goodbye”

Greetings to all God’s people I am honored to come to you once again for an hour of Inspiration my guest tonight is the author of Kissing Your Heartache Goodbye .Shawon Watson believes this is a book that every women must know before ending yet another relationship. Relationships are so important to God yet we all need to know when is the right time to say goodbye.Exactly what God says about relationships verses Exactly what we say within ourselves.Mr. Watson is a Coach and Speaker of another book “The Setback Strategist” which Mr. Watson teaches how to defeat setbacks,and Exactly what to do when you shed your job. Come join us on the platform this evening you will certainly not be disappointed.See you there and Remember God loves you along with an Everlasting Love.

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