Curious Times – Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator Donna DiPietro

Tonight we will discuss a paranormal topic. Phone lines will be open for callers to ask questions about the topic or anything paranormal, however there will be no readings tonight.

Donna DiPietro is a psychic and paranormal investigator. She has actually worked on several cases including haunted houses and a haunted church, finds lost valuables, and predicted that the Pope would certainly be shot 24 hours before it happened. She has actually investigated, the largest art heist in history at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, and has actually the gift of mediumship. She has actually spoken and written in other languages, that she does not know, to deliver messages from the other side.

Donna has actually endured a NDE and has actually had contact along with her husband who had promised before his passing that he would certainly try to communicate along with her from the other side.

Donna hopes that by making her cases public, it will help in the advancement of paranormal research. She has actually been a guest speaker at “Mystery Writers of America” and is documenting her cases on her blog She is likewise putting the final touches on her book.

Donna can be reached at

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