Do You Have a Story To Tell? Want to Know How to Tell It?

Lucas CorVatta is out and open, loud and proud. He wears a number of fabulous hats as comedian, actor, writer and motivational speaker. As a suicide-awareness, anti-bully and equal rights advocate, Lucas is passionate about bringing awareness to individuals whether young or old, gay or straight. He is a man that lives his motto: Life is a journey. Experience it! He’ll be sharing stories from his journey and just what he is doing to make the journey of others a little better.

Chris Kennedy is a best-selling science fiction author. Like several authors, he is successful and self-published. He stops by to discuss his latest book, Self-Publishing for Profit: How to Get Your Book From Your Head and Into the Stores. Writing the Excellent American Novel is the secret dream of several people and along with the advent of self-publishing it is a dream that is more accessible than ever. 

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