Episode 4: Yaslynn Mack

Yaslynn Mack is an entrepreneur, personal development catalyst, author and speaker. Her ability to connect along with others by telling her entrepreneur journey has actually inspired numerous people around the globe. Her regal presence and gentle yet charismatic approach has actually a powerful way of attracting

people to her. She attributes her victory to being a selfactualized person that maintains a thirst for knowledge and an optimistic and enthusiastic mindset. While fashion is her passion, she believes fashion is merely a vessel to explore creativity and share a message of empowerment.


Yaslynn is currently the CEO of The Mack Agency, a Fashion Sales and Consulting agency that she founded in 2010 when she felt unfulfilled in her corporate career. She leveraged her previous experience in the Fashion industry and Executive Sales experience to help high profile clients launch, manage and expand their fashion brands. Yaslynn’s previous fashion occupation included runway modeling, journalism, public relations and retail

ownership. Her corporate occupation included Executive Sales positions at IBM, FedEx and Gateway. Yaslynn attended The American College for the applied Arts and later graduated from American Intercontinental University along with a Bachelors Degree in Business. Yaslynn is additionally the founder and host of a weekly podcast called ‘Fashion Confab’ where she interviews icons and trailblazers in the fashion industry. Her most recent interview was along with Chloe Dao, the second winner of the hit show Project Runway. She is additionally the author of the book “Finest Dressed-wear your authenticity on your sleeve”. This book is encourages others to be self-authored and to practice operating from an honest place.

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