Everything with Kathy B, Kiwan Fitch, Tamara Marie Harris

Source Nation Join us tonight in the Ladies Lounge for another Dynamic show along with Kathy B as she welcomes 2 movers and shakers into the studio.

6:15 Kiwan N. Fitch is an Author, Producer, Founder of The EmPOWERment Corp LLC & CEO of The Kiwan N. Fitch, LLC. She created her company along with a simple mission: to equip “women in transition” along with the resources needed for VICTORY; and to be the Platform for their voice to be heard. Kiwan wants them to ACHIEVE victory in all areas of their lives: mental wellness, physical wellness, education, parenting and economics. Kiwan’s production, “Finding Chance in the Struggle”: is a live show comprised of entertainment and scripted monologues inspired from the “Confessions” Book Collection by Kiwan N. Fitch. The Show’s Executive Producer is The EmPOWERment Corp. LLC. The mission of The EmPOWERment Corp. is to offer tools, resources and support so that all women can LIVE VICTORIOUSLY. Ms. Fitch, its founder, can be quoted as saying, “I believe that women can achieve total victory if they are supported to recognize, examine and in essence deal along with their experiences, history of trauma, depression, poverty etc. not only in themselves but additionally in their ancestors and their communities.” The Confessions Book Collection does just that! It is a platform for women to examine and share their truths. 


7:15 Tamara Harris is a Motivational Speaker, Prayer Warrior, Prophet and the founder of The Empowerment Movement. Tamara has actually worked as a Counselor & Mentor at a Juvenile Center and hospital at Kankakee County. Raised up as a daughter of a Pastor, Tamara always knew her calling. Her personal experiences in life are what has actually brought her into ministry and she uses her story of overcoming numerous battles to help others be empowered.


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