Evolution with Charmaine

Evolution along with Charmaine

Sunday November 15th will certainly be a replay of an Amazing show that was aired in September. You have actually to check out Latise Howie. She will certainly have actually a book signing this weekend in North Carolina of this Amazing book Trilogy. You can inbox her of Facebook to order the book or locate out more about this Author. Latise M. Howie is “Redefining Relationships Through Writing.” The Chronicles Trilogy began “as a means to let singles know that it is simply okay to wait; has actually evolved into 3 publications about the process of being able to navigate through life’s obstacles, relationships, and triumphs in a means that is pleasing to God.” Latise studied at North Carolina Central University. She is the mother of three amazing children. She has actually worked in Property Management for 17 years. She is on her means to being a best-selling author. She is a Philanthropist, Mentor, Motivational Speaker & Business Owner. Most recently, she has actually been assigned to be a Presenter at the Gospel Image Awards 2015. The link will certainly be available to listen online the date the show airs.

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