Exploring Your Magnificence Through Meditation with Guest Michael Robins!

Find • Manifest • Transform!

During this episode, we will certainly explore the powerful transformative support meditation offers us.  Michael Robins, an author and speaker, has actually explored multiple forms of meditation, and ultimately developed his own through combining several different meditative practices.

Through his own quest for connection along with his “Real Self”, Michael has actually produced transformative programs to assist others to enrich and empower their lives.  His book, “Awakening: 13 Steps to Love, Freedom, and Power”, is one example of his supportive offerings.

To view a free video instruction of his meditation method, please click HERE.   Learn more about Michael and his supportive services by visiting his website:  http://www.michaelrobins.me/index.html

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With each other WE make the Shift!

One Love!

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