Feb 26 ~ Charlotte View: One World! Sacred Ego with Nicole & Jalaja Bonheim, PhD

Earth Essence Inc presents ONE Globe on Charlotte View Internet Radio along with the episode Sacred Ego based on the book by author Jalaja Bonheim, PhD. In Nicole Myers Henderson’s personal journey for brand-new and insightful information, she stumbled into Jalaja’s newest book: The Sacred Ego. For the initial time, you can really understand how our dysfunctional behavior evolved and where the path to healing and wholeness lies. This interview is for anyone committed to personal and collective transformation, this interview is a must-share. It will shed brand-new light on our evolutionary journey and offer profound insights into why we’re in crisis and where the path to healing and wholeness lies.

Founder and director of the Institute for Circlework, Jalaja Bonheim, PhD, is one of the world’s foremost experts in the use of circle gatherings as a tool for empowering women. A uniquely skilled facilitator, Jalaja Bonheim has actually trained hundreds of female circle leaders from around the Globe and is internationally known for her ground- breaking job along with Israeli and Palestinian women in the Middle East. An internationally acclaimed author and speaker, she shares stores, insights, and chance — grounded in decades of practical experience — along with her global audience.

Nicole Henderson holds a Master’s in Theology, is a Therapeutic Empath and Telepath, a board certified counseling intuitive, medical and remedial remote viewer, published author of ON SACRED TIME Tapping the power within, Advanced Emotional Freedom Therapist, Cellular Memory Detoxification Therapist, and a human and animal rights activist- teaching in ways that create peace and understanding.

Interested on being on ONE WORLD! please contact Nicole: www.EarthEssenceInc.com  /  Nhendersonsc@gmail.com  /  704.791.7638

To contact Our guest Jalaja Bonheim: www.SacredEgo.com

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