Get an A in Country: 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton, President

What do you want America?! What is it, what are they?! Do you want a polished Politician. Or do you want a rare un-polished gem. Do you want an attractive polished, yet flawed Democrat or Rebulican Candidate, with many fine qualities in each of them, with the attached ‘caveat/cause for concern’ that although seemingly exquisite, there are slight/greater imperfections. Who among them will go far enough, the distance, bringing us even, better & ahead in life. Please see me. I am an ore for you. I am encrusted and angry with all that is not being done and all that we accept as just ok or expected. There is too much bad breath going around in the White House, Congress and our Supreme Court. The Candidates try to use breath fresheners, It’s not working if you really have a nose for it. Politics is thought to be the only way to govern. It is not. Politics is not a right of passage. It is overblown/over budget/over-bloated. I am not there yet in polish and sheen. Do you care to have a perfect speaker or a person who speaks perfect truth honestly, for himself and you. It is in your hands. Please don’t leave me out of sigh, out of mind and off the Write-In Ballot. If there are 120,000,000 write-ins, we will all be in, in on it, in on the procession and profession of better government, starting at the top and working across both parties. Imagine a Congress ignoring, refusing to legislate or advance us if the President got 120,000,000 votes. The Voice and Will of the People will be evident and overwhelming – Congress & the Supreme Court could no longer discount us. Congress will have to work for the people and not their small constituency. The Supreme Court can not decide cases with major Justices’ rational dissents, which we give credence to. bwell, c2it, I am Curt Clinton, Curtis Clinton, c2, waiting to shine and sparkle your day with hope, expectation and living relief…

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