Holistic Dentistry With Dr. Ali Farahani The Cutting Edge of Dentistry

The Breast Show In Town is bringing the very best of cutting edge short article to you.  Come and spend the day along with us April 17, 2016 8:30AM – 4:00PM.  General Admission is $5 to vendors mall, breakout sessions, draws, and so much more.  AND for admission to 1-6 of our Keynote speakers $5 per speaker event available at the day of the show.  Limited seating per speaker event.  Initial Come / Initial Serve.  Go to our webpage to check out the 6 Keynotes, and research that you would certainly love to hear. www.breastshowintown.ca

This episode is an introduction to Holistic Dentist, Dr. Ali Farahani.  Come and hear why love to have actually your man as a repeat speaker Keynote at our events.

 His passion is to rejuvenate the mouths and overall health of his adult patients that are looking to reverse the potentially toxic effects of past dentistry, restore their confidence in their smile and chewing by replacing missing teeth, missing bone, missing gums and rehabilitate their mouth along with the very best available technology and techniques in the dental industry today.  For more short article on his practice and services, check out his website.



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