Living Beyond your Limitations!

Ever feel as if you are fighting an uphill battle? Or perhaps you feel as if you were born along with the cards stacked versus you? Well, after you listen to this show, you will have actually a different perspective and walk away transformed.

Tawana Williams, The Adversity Expert & Chance Coach as well as Les Brown Platinum speaker teachers others how to live a life along with “No More Excuses.” Born along with no arms, Tawana has actually overcome several obstacles and has actually never let her disability stop her. Today she is an Award winning, Internationally known Motivational Speaker, TV Personality, Author, Artist, Mother, Wife, Advocate, Vocalist, Businesswoman, Mentor, Humanitarian & CEO. She’s a highly sought after keynote speaker along with a powerful and uplifting message for people of all walks of life.

Director Domingo Guyton is the President of Chance Multimedia Company. The mission of the company is to create, produce and promote expressive art based on Christian principles that uplifts, educates and positively impacts all of humanity. Domingo contributes to this effort by utilizing his experience and skill as an educator, community activist, public speaker, musician, music producer, film director, poet, hip hop historian, and teacher. He is in pre-production stages of the controversial YTF—Yesterday, Tomorrow and Forever—movie that depicts Jesus & his disciples as black and a part of modern day society.

Make sure you tune in and join the conversation for these two outstanding, expert guests!

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