Milling About with Daniel Radcliffe & John Krokidas

Daniel Radcliffe was once the bespectacled boy wizard of Harry Potter. Along with a bit of a scruff and near 25 it doesn’t seem strange that he prefers Dan. Speaking to your man since he’s 10, you happily adopt the name as he’s permanently left the Hogwarts building. In Kill Your Darlings he may still be wearing Potter-shaped glasses yet the comparisons firmly end there. Dan joins host Robin Milling to discuss taking on the role of Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. He tells Robin he modestly dabbled in sonnets when he was 17, yet now he’s working towards writing screenplays he can direct. To get into the mindset of unrequited heartache for Lucien Carr (played by Dane DeHaan), director John Krokidas, that likewise joins Robin, suggested he borrow Renee Zelwegger’s method of listening to music before the scene. Dan chose jazz singer Jo Stafford while Krokidas turned to bands such as The Libertines Along with similar torture in their relationship. John, that is well versed in the Beat Generation keyed into Ginsberg for being openly gay in the 40s and taking his freedom of expression all the way to the Supreme Court. He tells Robin he aspires to be that brave and hopes the film will do the same for audiences. ‘Maybe,’ he says, ‘you will take pen to paper and develop something revolutionary.’

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