Milling About with David Duchovny

David Duchovny joins host Robin Milling to discuss his brand-new movie Phantom where he portrays an extremist KGB agent aboard a Soviet submarine during the Cold War. David tells Robin no acting was called for as far as maneuvering through the tight enclosed spaces as they shot on an actual Russian sub from that era docked in San Diego harbor. Had it been out on the water and submerged, David says he might have actually felt claustrophobic and panicked. Duchovny, that is actually of Polish and Ukrainian descent jokes that his last name made your man the only authentic Russian on board along with co-stars Ed Harris and William Fichtner. He tells Robin his father actually dropped the ‘h’ from their last name due to constant mispronunciations and felt Italian for awhile along with the last name ‘Ducovny.’ The Californication star is due spine on set in April for season seven playing the irresistible scoundrel Hank Moody. David reveals Moody’s appeal reaches women over 70 that stop your man on the brand-new York City street declaring their approval. For more post on Phantom visit: For more post on Californication visit:      

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