Romella Vaughn was born on November 9, 1972, in Brand-new Orleans, Louisiana, where she was born and raised.  She now resides in Dallas, TX. She is the happy wife of Jude Vaughn and loving mother of their two children.  She loves all things fashion and has actually worked for the government for over 17 years. Her mother had a hard time along with alcohol and drug addiction, so she and her siblings was forced to move in along with their ill dad.  Life was nothing normal for Vaughn. She was forced to take on adult responsibilities at the age of 10. Throughout her years of life, she wanted to give up and often wished she was dead. In the year of 2014, Vaughn’s life made a finish 360-degree turn. Vaughn decided to ask God what was her purpose. God instructed her to write a book titled, “Naked,” which was the initial step to her healing process.  “Naked” shares her personal hurts, frustrations, disappointments, bitterness, setbacks, living along with unforgiveness in her heart, breaking patterns and how her partnership along with Christ saved her life.  It explains how forgiving others is the initial step to a clean heart, clean mind, a happier life, and most of all a finish love of Christ. Vaughn promised to claim and live a better life for herself, her family, and most importantly for God.  Becoming naked before God and continuing her journey to fulfill her purpose, she expose the true essence of the beauty of how to live past hurt and worries. Today she continues to walk in purpose by uplifting, encouraging others, and trusting God’s plan for her life.

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