On Air with Pamela Smith & Dr. Gloria Bamberg-Merritt

The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | Friday at 6:00 pm EST | www.Sharvette.com

Initial Segment: PAMELA SMITH
Bestselling Author | Spiritual Teacher | Christian Speaker

Author of E3-Encouraged, Equipped, Empowered  

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Second Segment:  Dr. Gloria Bamberg-Merritt

As a Researcher, Doctor, Motivator, Consultant and Author of two books, Dr. Bamberg-Merritt’s insight to everyone is to “Slow Down” and self- reflect.  Remember to tap into your Spiritual Being and begin understanding the M& M Approach, Your MIND and Your MOUTH.  Exactly what you Believe and Say, So are you.

Author of “An Abiding Relationship, The Relationship” 

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