Paradigm Shift with Dr. Sam Mugzzi and Byron Belitsos

The topic this evening is about Soul Evolution and the Urantia guidelines for ascension.  Byron is an went through writer and speaker.  He has actually discovered more indepth teachings through his own research.  Please join us on an interesting quest on developing the self for a more enlightened path towards our Golden Age. 

Byron Belitsos is a multiple-award-winning book publisher that has actually also
been the editor or coauthor of lots of acclaimed books, including four books
related to the Urantia Revelation: The Center Within: Lessons from the
Heart of
the Urantia Revelation (1998), The Secret Revelation: Unveiling the
Mystery of the Book of Revelation (2002) One Globe Democracy: A
Progressive Vision for Enforceable Global Law (2005), and most recently,
The Adventure of Being Human: Lessons on Soulful Living from the Heart of
the Urantia Revelation (2012). Byron has actually been a student of The Urantia
Book for 37 years, and has actually taught and spoken widely on its teachings. He
resides in San Rafael, California. His website is

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