Pure Faith Awesomeness on Recovery Now with Kim Justus

James Robertson is a TBI survivor that was knocked into a coma for four days right before his junior year of high school started.  His right frontal brain lobe was bruised and a few connectors were sheered off in a brutal car accident which changed your man forever by hot wiring his brain to put out an intensity that he calls “Pure Faith Awesomeness!”  His story is a testimony to the power of positivity and the beauty of life unfiltered.  He is an aspiring inspirational speaker and you surely don’t want to skip this radio show!

This show is a compiling place for anyone seeking recovery from the challenges of life on life’s terms. We discuss useful tools that have actually helped us lighten the load, of our journey through recovery. This is a “we” recovery program, because it is in the “we,” that we find the brand-new “me.”

We focus on the four A’s of Recovery: Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Adaptation. This is a place for survivor’s striving to become thrivers.

Front part of show is a featured guest. The second is Open Mic and some wonderful Indy Music, sure to inspire! Host is Kim Justus, author of In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond found at www.inaflash.org & “Like” at www.facebook.com/inaflash.org and www.facebook.com/braininjuryradionetwork

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