Spiritual Psychology with Dr. Maurie Pressman

Author and Professor Dr. Maurie Pressman will certainly be our special guest speaker today, on a rebroadcast show, to talk about Spiritual Psychology. Re: exactly what this concept is, he says, “There is a power within your mind that is hidden from you as well as others. When you find it you will certainly have actually the ability to do minor miracles such as to heal yourself and others, to know yourself and your ability to influence others silently, to move your performance up and up, and to love, love yourself, others  and  all creatures  much better – much better. It is the power that leads to triumph in your own field in your own way.”

Spiritual Psychotherapy. This combines the very best of traditional western practices along with the high and powerful regions of the mind. 

Dr. Pressman’s continued explorations within traditional psychiatry, holistic-spiritual psychotherapy and eastern philosophies has actually proven to be a wonderfully successful alternative to the sometimes limiting constraints of traditional western psychiatry.

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