Sqwyd University: A Higher Level Of Thinking!

Come To Sqwyd University: A Higher Level of Thinking, Tonight at 10:00 PM EST! 

The Call-in Number for the Shows is (347) 838-8420 OR you can visit www.gregdoss.com and click on THE GREG DOSS “DJ SQWYD” SHOW! LINK! Changing Perspective Can Adjustment Results!


The Professor (Sqwyd) opens the University for an outstanding interview!

From his introduction to the globe as the Host of Hanging at the Lighthouse, to his run as the stability behind The DJ Sqwyd Show and The ProveItWrong Show, Sqwyd’s former Co-Host, Author Shawn 2BE Enlightened McDowell, visits the campus of Sqwyd University to conduct an interview along with Author Linda Mobley!

Our Guest Faculty Member is Shawn McDowell is the author of, “I See That You’re Down, Yet When Are You Going To Get Up?”

For the second consecutive week, Sqwyd University addresses complications that Men and Boys face in a society that DOES NOT provide them along with the same resources that are provided to other segments of society.

The Highlighted Special Guest is Author Linda Mobley:

Linda Mobley is an author and former substitute teacher along with the Pinellas County School Board, and an inspiring author and speaker.  Her recently published book “I Hate My Life (A Teenagers Story)” is cataloged in St. Petersburg Library (Florida) and online at Amazon.Com (rated 5 stars by Amazon)!! Her book has actually been recommended by multiple sources as a guide on how to prevent and avoid the pitfalls and allures of a negative partnership as well as the possible consequences of not knowing how to remove one’s self from these potential damaging situations!

Prepare Yourself to be Enlightened, Inspired, and Informed!! 

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