Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) – 1270

Tonight’s special guest is Tara Walker Lyons from Montana an abuse survivor who’s now an advocate for the prevention of Childhood Sexual Abuse. “As a result of making my story public, I have since become a speaker about this issue, traveling the State of Montana to share my platform and information on addressing CSA,” Tara resides in Hamilton, Montana, on the family’s cattle ranch. Born on the Blackfeet Reservation, she is a young Pikuni Blackfeet woman who is using her outspoken voice and adverse childhood experiences to advocate for the awareness and prevention of childhood sexual abuse. Her presentations describe the complexities of childhood sexual abuse, the dark aftermath that unfolds in the life of a victim and demonstrates the victory that is shared when justice, understanding and healing has begun. Tara hopes to prompt legislative changes to address the need for education on the issue within our schools. She has been published in many newspapers for her efforts and her momentum keeps growing. She was nominated for the 2015 Ravalli County Courage Award and continues to speak for the Montana Department of Corrections. She graduated from Beaverhead County High School in Dillon and went on to attend college at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is an avid horsewoman and a rider for the 2015 State Champions: The Bitterroot Mountettes Equestrian Drill Team. Tara explains, “Back in July, I posted a status about an issue that affects 1/10 children before the age of 18: Childhood Sexual Assault.” Then she “outted” a local pedophile which rallied to her the support of many others. It was a result of making her story public that she since become a speaker about this issue.

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