“Supporting First Responder Families” with Rachel Norman

Rachel Norman is a Speaker, Mentor &  Energy Practitioner as well as a Wife and Mother. Rachel loves sharing mentoring principals and tools along with her clients to elevate their lives.  She mentors numerous clients in numerous aspects of their lives yet especially  loves to help others shift their marriages from a state of surviving into an energy of thriving, as a partnership & marriage mentor. She helps others job through moving blocks and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in life, through her personal mentoring, group mentoring, classes, retreats, & sessions. In addition to helping empower others and couples through rachelnorman.com she is also the Founder and Creator of Walking The Thin Blue Line, which exists to help Law Enforcement Couples and families shift from surviving a marriage in Law Enforcement to thriving in it. Walking The Thin Blue line provides resources and tools for families in Law Enforcement through classes, conferences,  retreats &  mentoring programs.  Rachel’s main focus has actually been empowering couples and families to stay connected and regain closeness while balancing and navigating all facets of life.  Rachel is happily married to the love of her life  and is a mother to 3 beautiful children.  She is a certified SimplyHealed™  Practitioner and has actually likewise been trained in Courtney Beardall’s Investigating Health Modality.

In this episode, Rachel will certainly share ways that we can support very first responder families.

To learn more visit:  www.rachelnorman.com

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