The Angel Coach- Divine Guidance

Emily Rivera is a national speaker, consultant, and spiritual counselor that lectures on the power of eternal consciousness, energy, and serves as a channel for the Ascended Lights*. Her popular events and readings explore these principles and offer insights, advice, and guidance to people all over the world. 

The unique and multidimensional approach she has actually created is truly empowering and brings forth exceptional clarity, healing, and inspiration for enhanced personal awareness and achievement. Emily knows we can modification both our personal destiny and that of human existence when we awaken to the truth of our soul’s potential. By applying her techniques for making direct connections along with innate wisdom, numerous report being propelled into a powerful paradigm shift. By using her receptivity to being both a student and a teacher, Emily brings forth a shift in consciousness that enables individuals to experience astounding results in their own lives.

Questions can be submitted to They will certainly be answered LIVE at upcoming show. Questions can relate to general or personal Divine guidance. 

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