The Ombudsman Press Show

The Ombudsman Press Show with hostBishop L.J. Guillory always delivers a powerful lineup of insightful, thoughtful,wise commentary and surprise guests for every episode! Tonight we will be joined by our good friend and honored guest, Dick Gregory, who requests each one of us to say a quick prayer each day at noon to ask that we may learn the truth of the massive loss of life in the Jonestown massacre! Pastor Norwood has graciously accepted the invitation to join us again this week to discuss the truth about Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre, where 27 of her own family members were killed, and to discuss the November 18th memorial in their honor. We will also be joined tonight by the brilliant Professor, Dr. Oba T’shaka. Dr. T’Shaka is an activist’s scholar, a renowned public speaker, a workshop leader, author, an organizer and a visionary of exceptional influence who addresses audiences in the United States, Britain, France and Africa. For 38 years, Dr. T’Shaka was a Professor at San Francisco State University, where he is now Professor Emeritus. Please, tune in to this important discussion on The Ombudsman Press Show! 

Donations for the Jonestown event to honor the memory of the lives who were taken: PO Box 3330 Hollywood, CA 90078   *All are welcome to attend the November 18th service in honor of the lost at  6450 Camden Avenue in Oakland,CA

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