Unspoken Words: Thoughts of the Millennial Generation

Today on Unspoken Words, Robert Dunn chats along with Kelly Williams Brown on her TED talk “Millennials-why are they the worst”! Kelly was born in southern Louisiana, and have actually since lived in Mississippi, Oregon, Texas and Washington D.C. She studied journalism at Loyola University Brand-new Orleans, and worked as a daily news reporter for seven years before transitioning to copywriting and freelancing I have actually written a Brand-new York Times-bestselling book. She’s likewise worked as a long-form features writer, a columnist for The Daily Beast, and cocktail waitress on Bourbon Street. Her job has actually appeared on or in the Brand-new York Times, the Today Show, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Esquire, The Boston Globe and lots of more, and has actually been translated in to seven language I likewise do speaking engagements; her TEDx Talk, “I’m a Millennial, and I am a Monster” was a TED.com editor’s pick of the week.  


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