Vision Quest: A Four Part Series with Coach Monique Elliott

Vision Quest is a 4 part collection where you will receive 7 steps to receiving your vision. God has actually designed each of us for greatness!. I want to share along with you how to receive what God has actually for you in this last part of our collection together.

“You hold the power to modification your outlook on life for a better tomorrow. It starts along with the mind!” -Monique Elliott

Monique’s Accolades

T.V. personality of Preachers’ Daughters, Author, Motivational Speaker and Singer

Monique’s Company

S.A.V.Y. (Victory Achieved When Visioned by You) was created to reach out and teach, educate and explore the God given gifts available to all of us! Established in 2009 S.A.V.Y. consulting has actually evolved into a dream that reaches lives in empowering the visions of others.

Through coaching, teaching and reflection, you will explore steps to going to the next level in their journey.  During coaching you will also examine areas your journey that have actually hindered modification or the strength to move forward. Your dreams are already within your spirit, allow them to be released!

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