Wellness, Wholeness & Wisdom: Psychologist Parthenia Izzard CNHP & Addie Johnson

Tonight, 12/24/2015, Host, Psychologist & Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner Parthenia Izzard, talks with, Addie Johnson, author of, The Little Book of Thank Yous: Letters notes and quotes. Sign-up For Our Newsletter.  Wellness suggestions now! Blood Type specific supplements!

We present a Brand-new guest each week live on Tuesdays that is a representative from the globe of alternative medicine therapies [nutrition, meditation, yoga, energy medicine, acupressure, iridology], related products [organic teas, supplements, technology], and issues [aging, lifestyle changes, relationships, healthcare]. They will certainly share their expertise and wisdom. On Wednesday and Thursday we rebroadcast special programs and have actually open discussions on hot topics. We want to lead you to a healthier means of life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Visit my BLOG.

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