WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? Own your health.

Guest speaker is M.J. Richards, a seasoned and well-studied Wellness Coach and Enthusiast of Life. Creator of natRAWlly You, her slogan is “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”. Ms. Richards says “I received my wakeup call about health and I took action. Now I want to share along with the globe the fact we need to eat to live not live to eat!” Her desire is to have actually candid conversations along with people about eliminating fear from our wellness.

M.J. likewise believes our cells need to go through a detox because the cells remember our emotional stuff and traumas. She makes kefir that makes you lick the container. Just to believe it’s quite good for your digestion, you get Blessed in 2 ways. So exactly what is the benefits of fermented foods and probiotics? How does hydration, inflammation and constipation affect your health? M.J. will explain this and more, just listen to the show. 

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