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When people get older, they usually let their fitness level slip. Work, personal partnership issues, and parenthood duties leave little time for demanding gym workouts. If you are ready to make changes to your level of physical fitness, then use these tips to get started. This article will help you obtain the body that you have actually dreamed of. As people get older, they sometimes let their fitness go. Sometimes, it is easy to let life’s stresses get in the way of working out. However, you may start to worry about the decline in your appearance, health or energy levels. If so, the following fitness tips can help you make some important lifestyle changes. Not only will they make you feel better, but they can help you get closer to that refined physical form you enjoyed as a youth.

Cardiovascular exercise should be regularly incorporated into your workout regimen. Cardio is important for any type of exercise regimen. It is an easy way to add variety to your workout. It additionally helps to keep your body flexible. You can additionally build muscle if you do cardio for several months. Cardio is additionally pretty important. Cardio is essential, even if you are just trying to build muscle. Incorporating cardiovascular exercises into your workout can keep your routine from becoming boring. It’s additionally great for helping your body stay flexible and not tense up. It is a great way to keep your body fit over time.

Keep track of how long you spend exercising. Keeping this log makes you responsible for your workouts, as well as allowing you to see where necessary changes might be made. Then, you will be able to see your results well. Record your workout time. Tracking your workouts allows you to monitor your progress, evaluating what areas need improvement. You can then focus on the components of your workout that are producing the most effective results.

Just like having the right equipment is important, it additionally makes sense to have actually a few workout outfits that you like to see yourself in. Your confidence will soar, as will your motivation, if you have actually clothes that flatter your body. You should try this if you want to enjoy yourself while working out. Look for clothes that will make you want to be in them. A flattering outfit will raise your self-esteem and motivate you to exercise more frequently. This makes working out more enjoyable instead of making it feel like a chore.

Cardio exercise is additionally extremely important when planning your fitness routine. Cardiovascular exercise is exercise that raises your heart rate. It helps your body burn fat and improves your overall fitness level. It would certainly not be erroneous to conclude that cardiovascular exercise can provide dramatic results for anybody looking to become physically fit. However, people looking to improve their health would certainly do well to have actually variety in their workout. Another important element in the total fitness puzzle is cardio training. Cardio exercises, which help your respiratory and cardiac systems, are good for shedding pounds, being healthy and getting fit. While no single exercise should ever be done while ignoring all other options, cardio is the most effective way of keeping yourself fit.

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With aid not getting through, relief trucks looted in Nepal

SINDHUPALCHOWK: Homeless, exhausted and angry, Nepal quake survivors on Thursday began attacking relief convoys as complaints of tardy aid distribution piled up despite a glut of relief material clogging the airport and relief hubs.

Wet and chilly weather hampered relief work as residents remained on edge due to aftershocks that have rattled the country since the Saturday quake that has actually destroyed thousands of buildings. The official death toll so far is 5,800 but Nepal Army chief General Gaurav Rana, who is leading the nationwide rescue effort, told NBC News, “Our estimates are not looking good. We are thinking that 10,000 to 15,000 may be killed.”

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Most fatalities have been reported from Sindhupalchowk, a district separated from Kathmandu by about 70km but by decades in time. By Thursday, 1,600 people had lost their lives, according to the district administrative office. Numerous more were yet to be pulled out from the rubble of flattened homes.

Little in terms of aid had reached here though. The local media said this has actually increasingly led to attacks on relief vehicles.

Angry men, some of them kids, captured three containers of tents and other items that were being ferried by the Nepal Army at Sangachowk. They said they were afraid what was meant for them might go to “people with connections”.

These were perhaps the first trucks that had arrived in the district with the most damage to both life and property — by comparison the Kathmandu toll stood at about 1,100 on Thursday — and people were not ready to lose them.

Som Bahadur Tamang said he was one of those who tried to seize the contents of the vehicle that were sent by Save the Children and escorted by army men.

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“We are hardworking, honest men,” he said. “We are not robbers. But look at how we have been living. It has actually been almost a week after the earthquake and we are still out in the open. The children have been crying all day. They are cold and without milk. Ke garne ra, paristithi nai esto chha (What can we do, the situation called for it).”

The 100-odd tents, even if they found their way to the needy, are nothing compared to what the 1,50,000 affected in Sindhupalchowk want.

They are mostly out on their own. Local residents spoke of how in the absence of basic first aid, seven people, who had been dug out alive in Golchhe after hours of effort, died later for want of treatment.

Elsewhere in Dolakha district, victims of the quake targeted government buildings and burnt furniture. In Gorkha, Nuwakot, Ramechhap and Dhading, some of the most severely-hit districts, rage was growing.

Away from Kathmandu, officials are both anxious and resigned. Sindhupalchowk district officer Krishna Gyawali said, “So Numerous people come demanding relief, but what can we do if nothing has actually reached us? How can we make them understand?”

Nepal will have to get its act together and quickly take aid to the people, a concern that its National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has actually now raised.

NHRC in its latest report said “real earthquake victims” have not received help, both in Kathmandu Valley and elsewhere. In a statement, it said that food and other material that has actually come from foreign countries lay in piles at the Tribhuvan International Airport and that the need of the hour was to disburse it at the earliest.

Back in Sindhupalchowk, some of the bodies that remain trapped in buildings, 90% of which have been damaged, have begun to rot. There is a deep sense of helplessness all around.

“We can do nothing,” wept Mira Karki, who lost her husband and mother-in-law. “We will die of starvation and disease or cold if the government does not act soon. Please tell them.”

In Kathmandu, overnight rainfall forced Numerous people to return to their damaged homes leading to thinning out of tent cities. Numerous small shops too began to open.

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Cut off from all sides, Nepal villagers at quake epicentre face slow death

GURKHA/BARPAK: Villagers are dying a slow death in many parts of Barpak and Gurkha regions — the quake’s epicenter — which are completely cut off. Quake-induced landslides have wiped out long stretches of roads and most villages have no space to land choppers.

Times cares: Do your bit to help Nepal

In these villages, there is no rescue, only relief effort. Indian Air Force choppers hover over the villages, dropping food, tents and blankets as rescue work is impossible without helipads or roads.

On Wednesday an IAF chopper made sorties over a village in Barpak— its 100-odd houses completely flattened by the quake. Several attempts were made to land as villagers looked up in desperate expectation, but the chopper simply could not land. It finally just dropped supplies and flew off.

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“We don’t even know how many are dead in the village or how many are severely injured. Some may still be trapped under the rubble but, perhaps, alive. But we are in no position to save them. They’ll die waiting for help. It’s one of the saddest feelings when a rescue worker can’t go through,” Nepal Army Leader Naresh Khadka, who is guiding the IAF rescue operation in Barpak, said.

With 8 million Nepalese affected by the earthquake, including 1.4 million needing immediate food assistance, UN World Food Program official Geoff Pinnock was quoted by AP as saying the relief effort would stretch on for months. “It doesn’t happen overnight,” he said.

Nepalese police said Wednesday the death toll from the quake had reached 5,045. Another 19 were killed on the slopes of Mount Everest, while China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported 25 dead in Tibet. The disaster also injured more than 10,000, police said, and rendered thousands more homeless.

Even as public anger mounts versus the government’s failure to come to the aid of many of those affected, there are some heartening tales of courage in the face of daunting odds. Rajbahadur Thapa’s 57-year-old mother Purshani suffered severe injuries to her leg and hips after her house crashed on her. When no help reached in three days and her condition kept worsening, Thapa carried her on his shoulders, trekking from his village Kharunche in Sindhupalchowk through the hills for four hours to reach the nearest town from where she was evacuated.

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Quake-hit Nepal at high risk of landslides, scientists warn

“There is still no help in my village. There is no way to reach there,” Thapa said.

Even though the number of reported casualties from these areas has been lesser than Kathmandu or Sindhupalchowk, the destruction in the Barpak-Gurkha region has been massive. An aerial survey showed village after village flattened. Some were so badly hit that they looked like excavated remains of some obliterated civilization with no signs of life.

IAF choppers are now dropping teams at accessible points from where they will trek to inaccessible villages and bring the injured to evacuation sites. A team dropped at Gurkha has already begun work. “We are now trying to reach some of these worst-affected villages on foot and see if a helipad can be created by clearing demolished houses,” Wing Commander Abhijit Bali said.

Leave a wish for the earthquake survivors

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Nepal earthquake shakes faith of some, turns others into believers overnight

KATHMANDU: Nishchal Guruwacharya, 25, does not believe in god anymore. The 25-year-old from Chamati area of Naya Bazar in Kathmandu lost more than half of his extended family of 52 in a building collapse on Saturday. That day, his family had organized a “saptahik pooja” in the house with almost all relatives in attendance.

“An entire generation is gone. My grandfather, my mother, all her sisters, my brother, everyone is gone. There were 40 people in the house then, only nine have survived. We were conducting the pooja to make the gods happy, they instead gave us their wrath,” says Guruwacharya.

Times cares: Reach out, aid Nepal

Complete coverage on Nepal earthquake

A few kilometres away, recuperating from bruises and a head injury at a camp in Durbar area, Maheshwar Raj Khwanju, 48, is thanking the gods. His family of five fell five floors after his building in Bhotaiti collapsed, killing everyone except his wife and children.

His daughter Asmita, 10, fainted out of shock as she felt the first tremors, but has not sustained even a scratch on her body. Even his dog Tommy escaped with just a limping leg. “This is god’s grace, the power of Pashupatinath,” says Khwanju.

The only thing common between the two stories is the lament for an “absent” government and gratitude for the rescue and relief provided by India.

Between the almighty’s wrath and an overwhelmed Nepal government, India as the first mover seems to have made a place in the hearts of the Nepalese. This, despite the fact that there is no country worth any international standing that has not sent its teams to Nepal.

“Men from NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) have been working here non-stop, without a wink of sleep, for the past three days. I know none of my family members will come out alive. But at least they have ensured they will get a respectable funeral,” says Guruwacharya.

Though Khwanju was rescued by local youth, relief material and medical help brought in by Indian armed forces has kept him going in the camp.
Srikrishna Kharel, 30, a cloth merchant from Hanuman Dhoka area which has seen massive damage to Nepal’s architectural heritage, is doing his bit by helping people in a camp set up in the area. Like most caught in a tragedy, he is angry with his government.

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2 Indian doctors found dead in Kathmandu
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Two highways of death and destruction

“These people will do nothing for us. The first day there was no water, no food, no medicines. We have been surviving by helping each other. Indians were the first to come. Even before China. We haven’t seen anyone from the US,” he says.

Though the Nepal government is doing its best, having put almost 90% of its army in rescue operations, it is certainly not enough given the scale of the tragedy. India on Tuesday sent three more NDRF teams with the number of teams engaged in rescue work now going up to 16.

Tonnes of food, water, blankets and tents were unloaded from Indian aircraft at Tribhuvan International Airport even as aid poured in from across the world.

What has marked India apart from all other international teams is articulated by a survivor of a six-storey building near Shobha Bhagwati bridge trapping over 50 who are all feared dead, “Teams from China and Poland had come. But they stay here for a few hours looking to rescue the living and leave when they are convinced all are dead. Only Indian forces are pulling out the dead,” says Amir Sakya.

Beyond their personal losses, the Nepalese are most saddened by the massive destruction to their cultural heritage. “Who will come to Nepal now,” is the common refrain in a country heavily dependent on tourism.

“Do you know each and every brick of the temples in Hanuman Dhoka area that is now rubble had the names of the kings who contributed to their construction inscribed on them. Do you think when all this is rebuilt, its originality can be restored. No way. Guthibhairav temple was our Taj Mahal. It’s gone. We have lost everything we had to show the world,” says taxi driver Bose Kesi.

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