Buy My Business – Rainbow Scrubs & More

I’m selling my Business to pursue other ventures so i want to sell the Business Along with inventory and some free things i’m Asking for $20,000.00 Or ideal OFFER.The name of the Co. is Rainbow Scrubs and More LLC. It’s on Main St. Brand-new Port Richey, So location is perfect. The rent here is $625.00 plus tax total is $668.75. Just take over payments and turn this key business into a great Success. We have actually been in Business since April Along with a Brick & Mortar location so advertising would certainly be key. Also know that what we sell is a NEED. Medical Scrubs, Stethoscopes, and lab coats. I also have actually a hardly used bank credit card terminal. Call me for inventor and questions. There is too several items to mention here, but here’s a few.

Clothes (Scrubs) 1,111 Pcs
Credit Card terminal ready for updates $200.00
Koi Shoes by Sanita 23 Pairs
Display Case $150.00 And much more. Make me an offer. Come on in and talk to us.

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