Cbrf Se Wisconsin Assisted Living Facilities

These two CBRF’s located in Southeastern WI are extremely well run, have actually a sterling reputation in the community and are highly profitable. This is a great opportunity to access a top 10 market along with two CBRF facilities.

Each building has actually 20 beds/units that are full. The owners have actually enjoyed a near 100% occupancy since starting the business nearly a decade ago. The company does no traditional marketing and they have actually achieved such high occupancy and their reputation by caring for each resident as a family member.

One facility has actually a Class C license and has actually residents along with early to late stage dementia. The second facility, likewise along with a Class C license, has actually a well-rounded mix of residents.

Some of the key characteristics of this operation are:
– 2 facilities along with 40 total beds
– Class C licensing for both facilities
– 100% occupancy
– The initial facility has actually 90% public pay & 10% private residents
– The second facility has actually 75% private pay & 25% public pay residents
– Both facilities fully updated along with sprinkler systems, security cameras, outdoor patios and more
– Package sale of both facilities
– Substantial opportunities for revenue growth and expense reduction
– Cap rate of better than 9% along with current expenses and NOI in excess of $500,000

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