Cf Strong Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Center

This well-respected chiropractic/physical therapy practice combines and integrates both disciplines into a finish non-surgical musculoskeletal neurologic specialty provider under a mobility/stability model. Clinical massage services, acupuncture, and other related services are likewise offered. This business currently operates in three leased facilities, ranging in size from 1,500 to 2,500 sq. ft., as well as its owned 10,000 sq. ft. headquarters, which is likewise offered for sale (separately).

The company enjoys a competitive advantage as health care systems have actually increasingly relied on much less expensive, non-invasive procedures as successful alternatives to surgery. As a result, the firm enjoys substantial operating margins and documented profitability.

It is projected that a brand-new owner will obtain additional growth by expanding the sale of medical devices (braces, orthotics) and increased use of recently installed treadmill pools in both chiropractic and physical therapy regimens. The company conservatively projects revenue growth rate of 5% per year.

The company has actually been fully reviewed and conservatively appraised by an accredited national valuation firm at 2.4x SDCF (ttm). A full valuation report by a national valuation firm is included in the prospectus. There is $300k in debt and payables to be assumed and the deal includes $300k of current A/R and $10k of inventory. The business is pre-qualified by an SBA lender subject to buyer’s financials, and by implementing the proposed deal structure an owner- operator will obtain more than $118k benefit in after-acquisition-debt cash flow.


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