Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Nutrition Center

Chiropractic Office. . . . Owner Financing along with $50% Down

The Wellness Center is a philosophically-based chiropractic office that likewise offers Acupuncture and Nutritional Counseling. The business opened for business on March 6th, 2007. They serve the Southern Granville County and Northern Wake County areas along with several patients driving in as far as Virginia for their wellness care.
They have actually a wellness minded customer base. The patients see the benefit of chiropractic care as it helps the body to maintain a positive state of health.
Cash Paying Customer Base = 97%
Personal Injury Customer Base = 1%
Major Medical Customer Base = 2%

The owner feels that the ideal buyer will possess the following:

The Wellness Center is the perfect practice for an energetic, spiritually oriented, highly skilled practitioner along with principles based in honesty and integrity. The brand-new doctor is a powerful, fun and witty teacher that has actually a tenacious spirit and loves sharing knowledge along with the patients. Being trustworthy and having and abundance mindset is essential.

One Certified Chiropractic Assistant. She has actually been along with Wellness Center for a total of 17 months. She earns $11 per hour.
One brand-new employee. She is currently studying for her Chiropractic Assistant Certification. She has actually been along with Wellness Center for 3 months. She earns $10 per hour.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 7:20 AM to 5:30 PM
Tuesday – 2 PM to 5:30 PM
Friday, Saturday and Sunday closed

Among the large corporations that call this area residence are The Federal Bureau of Prisons, The Murdoch Center, Central Regional Hospital, Polk Detention Center, Revlon, State of NC Health and Human Services, Altec, Ideal Fastener, Certain-Teed Corporation and numerous more.

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