Diagnostic Imaging / Biomedical Equip Sales & Svc

Diagnostic Imaging & Biomedical Equipment Sales & Service Business, $1,200,000:

Profitable since its founding in 1984, the Company sells and services Diagnostic Imaging and Biomedical Equipment. It offers medical engineering to its client base comprised primarily of hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices. The Company sells and services equipment such as digital and film x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, sterilizers, EKG, IV pumps, etc. The innovative structure of the Company allows it to offer clients lower pricing than the original equipment manufactures (OEMs). The Company’s fantastic industry reputation is backed by its ability to give high quality service, superior to that of its competition, due to the several years of experience and industry tenure of its Biomedical Engineers. As a multivendor service provider for both brand-new and used equipment, customers’ needs are met along with merely one call.

This business is listed for sale by Walden Businesses, Inc., a prestigious mergers and acquisitions firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. For more write-up about this opportunity, contact Richard Turner at 678-277-9951 ext. 16. Please visit our website for more write-up about our company and the services we give our clients.

FACILITIES: 10,000 sq. ft. including 2,000 sq. ft. of offices.

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