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Many people take conscious steps to live a healthy organic lifestyle, by eating foods that have not been processed and that are chemical free, but few consider using beauty products that are all natural and free from toxic chemicals.

We assume that any product on the market has been thoroughly tested and researched and will not pose a threat to our health and well being, however there are some beauty products that don’t necessarily guarantee that they are completely harmless. A study done by British Scientists, on women who had undergone mastectomies, showed that lumps around the affected area contained Parabens. Parabens are chemicals that are often used as preservatives in many cosmetics. The problem with Parabens is that they act like oestrogen in the body; too much oestrogen can be very dangerous increasing the risk of cancer. These chemical are used in many different products, deodorants, shampoo, makeup, shaving cream and moisturizers to name a few. But how do we know which products are harmful and which are safe to use? Unfortunately it is not always easy to tell and some suppliers provide very misleading or ambiguous information on their packaging. The only way to really ensure you are not exposing yourself to harsh chemicals is by using all natural beauty products. With the growing popularity of living a “Green” environmentally friendly lifestyle it’s not surprising there are quite a few companies that offer all natural cosmetics. Using a mixture of essential oils, herbs, grains and other ingredients courtesy of mother nature, all natural cosmetics not only provide a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to regular beauty products but also products that definitely work. Many all natural products stem from recipes hundreds of years old, simple combinations that are easy to make, yet highly effective. One natural ingredient that is popular in many cosmetics is oatmeal. Oatmeal is known for its anti – inflammatory properties and helps to treat skin ailments such as acne and eczema. It’s also great for moisturising and exfoliating and helps to rejuvenate aging skin. When you combine oatmeal with other equally versatile natural ingredients such as honey and aloe Vera, you can make a great a face mask that does everything a manufactured product concocted by scientists can do, and more. Without having to worry about how it may affect your health in the future.

It’s important to watch what we put into our bodies, in order to live a happy healthy life, but it’s just as important to watch what we put onto our bodies. Consider using all natural beauty products, you don’t have to sacrifice looking good to feel good too!

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