High End Spa – Excellent Cash Flow

This well-known, high end day spa has actually been operating successfully for 20+ years along with an impeccable reputation and an extensive list of repeat customers. Their services include massages, facials and retail along with premium pricing. This is a great opportunity for an investor looking for a proven business model, or for a Med Spa or Plastic Surgery Practice to complement services (additional space is available in the facility to add services).

The spa enjoys a competitive advantage by providing historically dependable services to a stable, high income, long term repeat customer base. In addition, the spa is positioned in a pretty desirable location in a shopping destination / tourist town along with a superb facility. A dedicated / reserved parking lot and an outdoor garden are part of the business.

The company has actually been fully reviewed and conservatively appraised by a well-known accredited valuation firm at 3.3x SD Cash Flow (2014). A full valuation report by an accredited valuation firm is included in the prospectus. There is little debt to be assumed and the deal includes $50k in current assets. The business is pre-qualified by an SBA lender subject to buyer’s financials, and by implementing the proposed deal structure an owner operator will certainly obtain approx. $200k benefit in cash flow.

+++ 30% increase in YTD Gross Profit 2014 vs. 2013 +++


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