Highly Profitable Home Care Business


An established and highly profitable estate care business is available for sale! Faced along with an aging population, increased interest in estate healthcare and expanded access to Medicare and Medicaid under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), strong and stable revenue growth appears likely for the estate Care Providers industry. Moreover, age-related illnesses are typically more able to be addressed by estate care providers. This business has actually grossed $2,500,000 in revenues year over year and 2013 Sellers Discretionary Earnings were $350,000!

The owner started the business in 2000 and currently serves over 100 clients regularly throughout Middlesex County. The owner employs over 100 caregivers and has actually a full office staff. She is selling to retire and move out of state.

Over the five years to 2014, IBISWorld estimated that the number of people aged 65 and older has actually expanded at an standard annual rate of 2.7% to 45.3 million individuals. That equates to over 500,000 people turning 65 each year. According to senior advocacy organization, AARP, the majority of people older than 50 want to live in their homes as long as possible. In addition, estate care averages about $50 per day, which compares favorably along with payments for hospice care ($135), skilled nursing facilities ($303) and hospitals ($1,479).

The business is operated out of an office that is available for rent or for purchase. Rent will be negotiated by both parties and the owner would certainly provide a long-term lease. The real estate is not included in the purchase price.

Currently, there are over 57,000 seniors in Middlesex County so the potential for further growth is incredibly strong.

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