Hime Based Far Infrared Medical Supplies

Amazing House Based Business for sale. $4,500.00 USD or Best Offer

With a little work this Business will take off, as the Medical Device business is over $2 Billion per year. We started it and you can keep it rolling while helping several people.

We sell Far Infrared Medical Supplies. An online Business Along with 70% of sales to the U.S. Relocatable to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Inventory & Shipping gets you a 1 year established on line Business, Along with great potential. Our Products are purchased direct from manufacturer.

Far Infrared Waves is becoming more prevalent in the medical field for people wanting to stay away from medication. Do you know anyone Along with aches and pains and need relief, do you have actually connections in the Medical Field? These wonderful products are helping several older and younger people.

We have actually Retired NFL and CFL Football Gamers sleeping on our B-Flow Pillow. As well as several regular people like yourself. Professional Golfers using our Deep Heating Back Support. Diabetics using our knee and leg supports to get better blood flow to their legs and feet. Cyclists and Runners using our Long Jane tights. several people Along with Post Concussion Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injuries sleeping much better on our B-Flow Pillow. Our products have actually been sold directly to Doctors and Nurses locally. Read the reviews at infratechclothing. com

We are selling our Inventory, Website, Facebook and Twitter Pages, UPC Codes, Full Sized Professional Female Mannequin. Shipping of all inventory is included.
We have actually been marketing and selling for over 1 year so we have actually built up a following online and locally.

If you have actually time to attend weekend Medical, Elderly or Nursing Conventions & Trade Shows then this business will take off, unfortunately I don’t have actually the time. Please email me any questions of if you want more information.

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