Home Healthcare Franchise With Exclusive Rights

Residence Health Care Franchise along with Exclusive Rights in an Affluent South Bay Area in Southern California. Price Reasonable to $389,000!

The business is a franchise from a highly rated and ranked Residence healthcare franchisor. This industry segment is projected to grow substantially as the baby boomers continue to retire and look to maintain their independent living standards. The target market is comprised of seniors, brand-new mothers, those recuperating from illness or injury as well as individuals needing long-term care.

The current ownership is investing their time in another (non-competing) business and have actually primarily left the business on autopilot. The office manager and an office assistant are in charge of the daily requirements of running and marketing the business. Marketing and sales efforts have actually been minimal, by the owners own admission, and a great opportunity exists to leverage an active buyers experience along with the franchisor’s marketing systems to substantially increase sales.

The exclusive franchise location is a true ”Class A” territory and is comprised of the South Bay cities of Torrance, Lomita, San Pedro, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes. These cities, in general, are fairly affluent and are Residence to a large population of seniors.

The existing administrative staff has actually been crossed trained in all aspects of the business and can provide a smooth transition to a brand-new owner. The business currently generates approximately $99,000 in income. Though an active owner would certainly not need the same administrative staffing and can almost immediately realize approximately $163,000 in income through staffing cuts. The income can be increased substantially over time through the implementation of an effective sales and marketing program. Additionally, there are multiple profit centers built into this business by the franchisor and the sellers are only targeting about 40% of those.

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