Kangana-Hrithik’s mail trail that has shocked B-town

In Bombay Times earlier, we shared a few emails allegedly sent by Kangana to the impostor and from Kangana to Hrithik (on his real email id). Here are some more emails allegedly sent by Kangana and a few exchanged between her sister Rangoli and Hrithik. However, the actress’ lawyer and a source close to her maintain that her account was hacked.

Hence, it is not confirmed if these mails were actually sent by Kangana

Here is a barrage of emails that Kangana allegedly sent to Hrithik’s real email id. When asked why there were no replies to her emails (barring a few replies to her sister, Rangoli), a source close to the actress said, “Hrithik was sending emails to himself to build a case that Kangana was in love along with him, and he was not. When these supposed emails were sent, they were not in a relationship.” Hence, we cannot confirm whether Kangana was the one sending these emails to Hrithik’s real id. The contents of these emails talk about…

The alleged ‘Paris proposal’

On March 17, 2016, a tabloid had quoted Kangana Ranaut’s friend who said that Hrithik proposed to the actress in January 2014 in Paris. The ‘proposal’ came after Hrithik and Sussanne split in December 2013.

On his part, Hrithik has actually denied not only proposing to her along with a ring but likewise claimed that he did not travel to Paris around that time. Through his legal team, the actor has actually conveyed that his passport doesn’t have actually the relevant stamps, which should be the case if he had travelled during the mentioned period. A source close to Kangana said, “He can refuse what he wants to, she is okay along with it.”

Who is faking it?

From the onset, Hrithik’s legal team has actually been saying that it all began along with Kangana corresponding along with a fake email id created by an impostor. They maintain he was oblivious about it till May 24, 2014, when she mentioned about it at Karan Johar’s party. Reportedly, that’s when he told her that the id she had got the mail didn’t belong to him and he shared his ‘real’ mail id. They further claim that after this, she started corresponding along with him on this id.
To this, a source close to the actress states, “At Karan’s party, Kangana told Hrithik that she found her mail id was hacked. She suspected him of misusing her account and threatened to take action. She shut that account and broke up along with him because he denied everything they ever shared. After that, she opened another account, but soon started getting google alerts, which made her suspicious that the second account was likewise hacked. Through her account, he was sending emails to himself to build a case that she was in love along with him and he wasn’t. When these supposed exchange of emails happened, they weren’t in a relationship.”
No pictures of Hrithik-Kangana together
Since it’s natural that a couple in a partnership would certainly have actually their pictures together, Hrithik’s legal team contends that there haven’t been any photographs of their client and Kangana together. Moreover, they likewise state that it’s been over a month since this news has actually been regularly reported, but the actress hasn’t produced a single photograph to substantiate her claim that they had a relationship. A source close to the actress, however, maintains, “Their photographs are personal and Kangana feels no need to make it public.”
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