Kasab II: How hostages misled the terrorist, got him caught alive

NEW DELHI: The three villagers in J&K’s Udhampur, who were taken hostage by the terrorist who attacked BSF convoy on Wednesday, have claimed that they misled the militant and got him caught alive.

The captured militant has been identified as Usman. According to reports, Usman has revealed that he is from Faislabad in Pakistan.


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Based on TV reports, here is how Usman was caught alive:

1. Usman took the three villagers hostage after he, alongwith another terrorist, attacked a BSF convoy in Udhampur on Wednesday morning, killing two jawans.

2. Usman then asked hostages to take him to a safer place. “He kept me on gun point, asked me to take him to a safer place where nobody could see him,” said Rakesh Kumar, one of the villagers taken hostage. “He threatened us to show a way out. We had no option so we misled him,” he claimed.

3. Usman was hungry and so they stopped for food.

Hostages Vikramjit Singh (R) and Rakesh Kumar, who managed to overpower and capture a terrorist alive. (Photo: ANI/Twitter)

4. It was here that Usman was overpowered. “The terrorist was hungry, so we stopped. Then we got together and forced him to the ground and unarmed him,” said another hostage Vikramjit Singh.

5. “Once he saw police was coming, he threatened us. Rakesh caught his neck, I held on to his gun, he shot too,” Vikramjit added.

6. “He told us he would not harm us so long as we showed him the way to escape out. But we decided to catch him,” Vikramjit said.

7. According to one account, when hostages nabbed Usman, he began to plead: “Mujhe mat pakdo, mujhe mat pakdo.” (Don’t catch me, don’t catch me.)

(With inputs from agencies)

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