Kejriwal attacks PM, says babus have become ‘B-teams’ of BJP

NEW DELHI: In a fresh confrontation with the Central government, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday slammed PM Narendra Modi and said that the Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Civil Services (DANICS)and Indian Administrative Service associations in Delhi have become full-fledged B-teams of the BJP.

“Delhi lieutenant governor (LG) personally attended Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Civil Services association meeting on Wednesday through speakerphone. LG in turn was in touch with Nripendra Misra in PMO, Kejriwal tweeted.

Kejriwal was referring specifically to two DANICS officers — Subhash Chandra and Yashpal Garg –who were suspended after they allegedly refused to sign Delhi government cabinet notes pertaining to a salary hike for public prosecutors and prison staff.

Centre: Kejriwal’s suspension of babus illegal

“People will be very happy if these officers go on long leave. Government is ready to give them paid leave. Governance will become honest, smooth and efficient,” Kejriwal said.

The Centre today termed the Delhi government’s decision to suspend the two DANICS-cadre officers as ‘non est’ (does not exist) and said the two officers should be considered deemed to be on duty.

No suspension of IAS officers without PM nod

The home ministry is issuing a formal order terming null and void the suspension order of the two officers by the Kejriwal government.
AAP govt’s bid to suspend 2 officials sparks revolt

“The home ministry has received a reference from the lieutenant governor of Delhi on the suspension of two DANICS officers. It declares the suspension order is ‘non est’ (mistake or does not exist) and the two officers should be considered deemed to be on duty,” a home ministry spokesperson said.
After their suspension, the DANICS officers have decided to go on mass leave today protesting the “illegal” suspension of their two colleagues by the AAP government.

The DANICS officers have maintained that the appointing and disciplinary authority of DANICS officers is the President of India, who acts through the aid and advice of the Union home ministry.
They said the Home Minister of the Delhi government has no authority to take any disciplinary action against DANICS officers as specified under the existing rules.

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