Live: Why is govt not releasing my letters on Lalit Modi, Chidambaram asks

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The Modi government swings like a pendulum, out of control when it comes to policy.

P Chidambaram05:05 PM

We are totally opposed to power being centered in the hands of one person, as in the case of Modi.

P Chidambaram05:04 PM

If the PM prefers to cheer from the sidelines and not enter the arena, then what we can do?

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It is difficult to believe that Sushma Swaraj didn’t know about the 4 Feb, 2004, judgement which rejected charges against Rajiv Gandhi (in Bhopal gas tragedy). We want an unqualified apology from her.

P Chidambaram04:46 PM

They did everything except answering crucial questions that arose out of Sushma Swaraj’s intervention on behalf of Lalit Modi.

P Chidambaram04:44 PM

Instead of debate, we got diatribe, instead of answers we got a sermons and instead of facts we got fudge.

P Chidambaram04:43 PM

Chidambaram poses questions on Sushma and BJP

“If Sushma wanted to intervene on humanitarian grounds,why did she not press Lalit Modi to apply for Indian documents? Why did the ministers selectively quote from the finance ministers’ letters, why are not releasing the letters? Why did Sushma Swaraj keep her ministry in dark? Who took the decision not to file an appeal and what are the reasons and why have the reasons not been made public? Sushma Swaraj intervened at a time when the case was pending,” asks Chidambaram.04:39 PM

Monsoon session started with acrimony and ended with more acrimony on part of the BJP.

P Chidambaram04:35 PM

Congress leader P Chidambaram addresses press conference

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FM Jaitley on GST Bill

Opposition’s aim was to delay GST. Cant tell you our strategy, but we are determined it happens by April 1, 2016.03:25 PM

BJP Jan Sabhas in Congress and Left MPs’ constituencies

“BJP to hold ‘Jan Sabha’ in 44 constituencies of Congress MPs and 9 of the Left to highlight their disruptive practice in Parliament,” Jaitley says.03:21 PM

When one becomes a senior, mature statements are required. But the more he (Rahul Gandhi) grows, the more he becomes immatures.

Arun Jaitley03:18 PM

Jaitley on NDA march

“Ours wasnt a protest march but an attempt to highlight that one can’t have disruption without a cause,” says Jaitley.03:17 PM

‘India stands educated about Congress party and the family that controls it’

“Congress party’s real intent was to not let the economy grow; they used “lung power” to try and halt progress. India stands educated about Congress party and the family that controls it,” says Jaitley.03:15 PM

Supreme leader of a major party party entered the well; and Rahul Gandhi can’t differentiate between parliamentary speech and slogans.

Arun Jaitley03:14 PM

It has been frustrating but educating for the nation. Congress seems to have the clear policy of hampering any government that isnt their own.

Arun Jaitley03:13 PM

Finance minister Arun Jaitley addresses press conference

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NDA MPs protest march against opposition

02:28 PM

My aim is to try and curb the placard raising form of protests in the House

Sumitra Mahajan02:27 PM

There is window for improvement

Sumitra Mahajan about the Parliament session02:24 PM

Union ministers join NDA protest against disruption of Parliament by Congress.

02:24 PM

PM said that MPs and ministers should go to their respective constituencies and expose Congress

RP Rudy02:24 PM

PM during NDA meet said that Cong is behaving now as they did during the time of Emergency

RP Rudy02:19 PM

These people (Cong) feel its their birth right to remain in power, and if they dont they will hamper progress of nation

Meenakshi Lekhi02:17 PM

Congress wants to save the family, BJP wants to save the nation

PM Modi02:17 PM

Congress is desperate as it wants power to remain concentrated with one family: PM says addressing NDA MPs.

02:15 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi equates Congress’ attitude to Emergency days.

01:33 PM

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi reaches President’s house.

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WATCH: I am here to defend this country from RSS, Narendra Modi, says Rahul Gandhi

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Former finance minister P Chidambaram to address a press conference at 4:30pm in Delhi today.

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WATCH: Big opportunity for Modiji, bring Lalit Modi back and clean up cricket: Rahul Gandhi

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PM Narendra Modi arrives for NDA MPs meeting.

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Members of Cong, Left, TMC, RJD and SP walk out of Lok Sabha raising different issues.

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When your work clashes with views of RSS, your mouth will be shut, we are protecting you, remember that

Rahul Gandhi12:56 PM

You people have been banned, notices have been sent to 3 channels, why? because you are doing your work: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi12:56 PM

The way this country is heading, you have cameras, very happy to take films, you will not be able to do it

Rahul Gandhi12:55 PM

They bring it up again & again,bring it up as much as you can,it makes me no diff, I’m here to defend freedom of people in this country

Rahul Gandhi12:53 PM

WATCH: Congress continues protest outside Parliament

12:53 PM

I am here to defend this country from RSS, I am here to defend this country from Narendra Modi

Rahul Gandhi12:49 PM

The judicial system of India has cleared Rajiv Gandhi. Again & again they bring it up, makes no difference to me

Rahul Gandhi12:48 PM

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Big opportunity for Modiji, bring Lalit Modi back and clean up cricket

Rahul Gandhi12:44 PM

WATCH: Rahul Gandhi’s rebuttal to Jaitley’s ‘expert’ comment

12:44 PM

Sushmaji protected black money network of Lalit Modi.To Narendra Modi I say,youth is understanding the nexus

Rahul Gandhi12:42 PM

There are 2 networks in IPL. One which youth of country see: batting, bowling, fielding. Other is Lalit Modi

Rahul Gandhi12:42 PM

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Speaker says she was forced to take tough action against some members as last resort and last option.

12:28 PM

Lok Sabha adjourned sine die.

12:27 PM

Cong, Left and TMC protest against govt outside Parliament on Lalit Modi controversy and Vyapam scam.

12:08 PM

Rajya Sabha adjourned sine die</header>

11:55 AM

Members of Cong, Left, TMC, RJD and SP walk out of Lok Sabha raising different issues

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11:14 AM

Govt to hold a meeting with NDA MPs to chalk out post-monsoon session strategy, BJP Chief Amit Shah to attend.

10:56 AM

She (Sushma Swaraj) wants to highlight issues which happened earlier, to misdirect people

Mallikarjun Kharge10:53 AM

Govt keeps the option of reconvening monsoon session after it is adjourned sine die today. CCPA decides not to recommend proroguing of the session.

10:48 AM

NDA MPs to march from Vijay Chowk to President House at 12:30pm today on ‘Save Democracy’.

10:48 AM

PM Narendra Modi meeting with senior cabinet ministers. Venkaiah Naidu, Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj, Manohar Parrikar present.

10:38 AM

BJP President Amit Shah will be present in meeting of all NDA MPs after Parliament sine die.

10:26 AM

Both Houses of Parliament will be adjourned sine die today:ANI

10:20 AM

NDA floor leaders meeting begins in Parliament Library.

10:11 AM

NDA floor leaders meeting begins in Parliament Library.09:59 AM

Venkaiah Naidu calls a meeting of all NDA MPs after Parliament sine die.

09:58 AM

CPA meeting ends Rajnath Singh, Venkaiah Naidu, Sushma Swaraj, MA Naqvi, Najma Heptulla, Prakash Javadekar were present.</footer>

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09:42 AM

Venkaiah Naidu, Sushma Swaraj, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Najma Heptulla, Prakash Javadekar, present in CCPA meeting in Parliament.

09:41 AM

CCPA meeting begins in Parliament. Home minister Rajnath Singh presides the meet.

09:03 AM

Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs to meet today, decision to be taken on convening short session for passage of bills

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