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I’m sure you have all heard of the successful band “One Direction”,
but have you had a chance to check out their new and extensive makeup
line? This limited-edition cosmetics collection is available at many
major retailers throughout the country and beyond, including Lord and
Taylor, Macy’s, ULTA, Sears, Target, Dillard’s, etc. This collection was
created by Markwins International, which is the company behind brands
such as Physicians Formula, Wet n Wild, The Color Institute, and more.

One Direction Makeup Line continues to introduce makeup sets with fresh
and fun packaging that are perfect for young women or One Direction
enthusiasts. Their colors are bold and the cosmetics that they offer in
each package are unique and exciting. They are also affordable, and make
for a nice collection.

Today I am reviewing the new Limited Edition Makeup Tins by One Direction. There are five tins to collect, one with each band member’s face featured on the front. The makeup inside each tin is the same (it would have been cool to see different makeup in each tin personalized to the nature of each band member, but that’s just my opinion). These tins include a little bit of everything for makeup lovers, especially young women who are just starting their collection.

There are five eye shadows in each tin, which include the following shades:

  • Nobody Compares – Metallic silver
  • Tell me a Lie – Metallic light pink
  • Same Mistakes – Metallic mint
  • I would – Dark brown with shimmer
  • Summer Love – Dark purple 
  • Everything about you – Smokey black/gray with shimmer

 These eye shadows are geared towards younger women, but are really appropriate for any age. The shimmer and sheen of the metallic shades is not too overpoweringly glitzy, and does not leave flakes or fall out during application. The kit includes a small sponge brush that is double-sided for putting on the eye shadow, but no mirror. These colors are relatively pigmented, especially the darker shades. They are blendable and can be layered to increase pigment. An eye primer or base would probably ensure that they last throughout the day without creasing. They are powder-based. 

In the picture below, I have used “Nobody Cares” on the inside of my mom’s lid, with hints of “Summer Love” in the middle of her eyelid and “Everything about you” in the crease and outer lid. We tried to create a smokey look that is versatile for day or night. The colors go well together. Below her pictures I have included a swatch of all of the colors on my hand so you can see the actual pigment on a medium skin-tone. 

The kit also includes one Eye Pencil (I Want), which is a dark black, and one Lip Gloss Top Coat (Over Again) which is a silver, glitter sparkle. In the pictures of my mom above, we also used the I Want Eye Pencil. It was also pretty pigmented and complimented the eye shadow well, but wasn’t overpowering. It did not draw well on the inside of my mom’s lower lid, which is something I usually do to make my eyes pop a little more. I am very picky when it comes to eye liners, but it definitely is better than many other liners that I have used in the past in terms of application and visibility. The Lip Gloss Top Coat is pictured with the lip glosses below. This product did not work well for me, unless I am just blind. I see the sparkle in the tube, but didn’t really see it transfer to my lips well over the other lip glosses. 

The limited-edition tin contains two nail polishes:

  • Alive – Multi-colored glitter topper
  • Stole my Heart – Magenta pink polish

Below, I have “Alive” on every finger, and “Stole my Heart” as an accent nail on my mom’s index finger. We put two coats of the polish, which is very pigmented, but still slightly sheer. The glitter top coat was easy to apply, and added a cute accent for a loud mani, which would be best for summer or a night out.

Finally, the tins contain four lip glosses and one small brush for application. The glosses include:

  •  Loved you First – Hot pink
  • One Thing – Frosted pink
  • Irresistible – Shimmered pearl
  • Heart Attack – Cream rose shine

The lip glosses are easy to apply, but I find that whenever lip gloss is not in a tube, it seems to have more of a thick texture, which is not as flattering on me. These definitely seem like glosses that younger girls would enjoy playing around with. The colors are pigmented, but the texture is very thick. I have swatched the colors below on my lips, in order of Loved you First -> One Thing -> Irresistible -> Heart Attack. Below the lip glosses is the lip top coat. My favorite would probably be Loved Your First, just because I am a sucker for pink glosses. 






  • Tins contain eye shadow, eye liner, brushes, polish, and a lip gloss top coat
  • The eye shadow is pigmented and easy to blend with good staying power
  • The eye liner is a nice shade and pigmented if you aren’t lining the inner lid
  • The polish is sheer, but the topper is unique
  • The lip gloss top coat does not appear to show up very well
  • The lip gloss is pigmented but very thick

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