Mediacl Billing, Credentialing Emr Office Solution

Medical Billing, Medical Transcription, Credentialing
Electronic Health Records Solution

Company Overview

The Company is a comprehensive medical practice health records, practice
Management and reimbursement solutions and services provider.
The Company is 15 year old Delaware Corporation.
The Company is Revenue and Profitable Positive.
90% + of The Company private stock is available.
The Company financial Statements are Audited in the early years then Reviewed in subsequent years.
Over the 15 years, The Company has actually developed proprietary software that is cloud
based, mobile friendly, and is a finish EHR 2014 edition compliant and has actually been
Certified by an ONCATCB,
Which allows for practices to earn incentive money and avoid penalties. The Company
is a robust and user-friendly
Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice
Management (PM) software solution for physicians in private practice.
The EHR allows for flexible documentation, allowing the users to document using a
variety of ways: templates, point and click, speech recognition, transcription services,
typing and handwriting recognition.
Designed and built on the belief a practice ought to have actually a single, seamless solution that
not only streamlines office job flow yet meets the ongoing, changing demands of
medical practices. Medical Billing and Credentialing services provide optimized revenue
cycle management for practices, transparent accountability for providers and managers,
ongoing education to practices, and full support from the time the patient is seen until
the final payment has actually been received from patients and insurances.
The Company has actually been a customer centric organization from inception which translates
into more frequent and always user friendly software updates, was the basis for
developing a cloud based solution at a time when the vast majority of software’s were server based, keeping clear and regular lines of communication open along with clients to address questions in a ti

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