One of the hardest things to do when trying to lose weight or gain muscle is getting in the gym. While this is not easy it is the most important. Yes, eating right is 70 to 80 percent of your transformation; you need both exercise and proper diet to be successful. Here are 5 ways to help you get motivated to get to the gym.

1   Listen to music.

Find what ever music that gets your blood flowing. It is scientifically proven that listening to music helps you when you are working out, it will also help you get ready for the gym. So whether you are in the car, on your bike, or walking to the gym listen to whatever lifts you up and gets you ready.

2   Eat right

Eating right helps in weight loss of course, but it also helps with energy levels. If you but junk in your body than you will be sluggish and in return there will be a smaller opportunity you will make it to your workout.


3   Supplements

Find a good pre-workout that gives a good muscle pump and boosts energy. Sometimes we forget what pre-workouts are supposed to do, and we take what ever is popular at the time. Spend to time to find a good pre-workout that first focuses on getting blood to the muscles and second helps with focus. You don’t need something loaded with caffeine that makes you bounce off the walls and then crash half way through your workout. With this increased focus you will be ready for the gym.


4   Find a good gym

If do not find somewhere that you are comfortable going, you will not want to go. Spend the time looking at the places in your area that you like the people that work there, and will take the time to show you how to use the equipment properly. Also make sure that the gym you are going to join are focused on the goals that you are looking for. Meaning that if you’re looking to do cardio, then do not join a gym that focuses on bodybuilding. Take your time it will make you happier in the long run.


5   Get a partner

Finding a workout partner can be a great motivation for the both of you. On the days you don’t want to go they can push you, and in return you can do the same for them. When looking for a partner make sure they have actually the same goals as you, and that they are about the same level as you. Not only is this great motivation but it can challenge you to push harder.


So keep these things in mind and it will keep you going back time and time again. Remember that going to the gym is supposed to be great experience and that makes you feel better. So have actually fun and enjoy your brand-new body.


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