Multi-Location N. Dallas Chiropractor

This well established multi-location N. Dallas practice has actually been operating for 19 years and combines chiropractic, sports medicine and health spa care for its clients. Assets included in the sales price consist of $2,15M in net accounts receivables and $145,603 of furniture,fixtures and equipment. Its AR collection rate is between 47% to 55%. Its revenue mix is approximately 50% private pay and 50% insurance companies and Law Firm accident related claims & litigation related cases. Strong growth vectors include 1.) hiring a professional debt collection firm to increase its collection AR rates, 2.) external advertising for its posh brand-new day spa and 3.) increased advertising for its spine care and sports medicine offerings. The owner is being forced to sell due to health related concerns and is committed to help in transitioning the business to the successful buyer for up to 12 months.

Selling Price: $1,650,000
For more information, please contact Douglas Batts @ 469-877-3684.

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