Non – Medical In Home Care Business

Located in South Central Wisconsin, this fast growing in-house senior care business has actually been serving senior citizens since 2005. This business, as well as the owners’ other businesses, has actually grown so fast that they wish to sell it so that they may focus on their similar businesses closer to home. A buyer that does not have actually a long commute and is able to operate the business full time or focus more attention, this business can double in size over the next couple years as the market size doubles. Currently monthly gross sales are already up to $125,000 this year — per month!

With the purchase, a buyer can choose to rent or lease a 1700 to 2400 sq. ft. office space from the current owner. Having the ability to expand gives the buyer all the space they need to continue the operations as is as well as build this business to brand-new levels. There is currently only one other ‘friendly’ competitor of significance in the marketplace and due to high barriers to entry other competitors are unable to develop the systems necessary to compete on a large scale.

Asking $650,000 for the business.

Please contact Tim Bullard at (262) 347-2083 for more information.

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