Pa Has It All. And $49k In Profits

The Spa opened in 2007 along with only three services being offered: massage, yoga and naps and an inexperienced owner. Since then, aesthetics, chiropractic, nail services, acupuncture, spa parties and self-defense classes have actually been added to the menu.

Created out of passionate awareness of the void of health and wellness at the corporate level, the business has actually succeeded in introducing healthy routines and programs to those in a stressful environment in not only the downtown Atlanta but, also the business travelers from all over the world.

Located in a Class A flagship building, the SPA is next to the fitness center which creates additional walk-in opportunities. The Spa is in within the financial, convention and hotel district of downtown Atlanta and has actually become in Landlords opinion an amenity to the building which its expected to continue being successful. The 3000 sf space is very nicely decorated and well organized. It caters to professionals and affluent market.

This business needs an owner/operator who will spend more time in marketing the spa services and take full advantage of its location and go a bit more aggressively after the corporate and hotel market. Currently, the owner is getting her customers mainly thru word-of-mouth and periodically email blast to over 2,500 emails. The current net profit of $49K could be increased by an intensive P.R. of all the services provided to all potential customers. Also, the brand-new owner could adjust the current services and bring brand-new ones he/she can see fit(one more chiropractor, hair stylist, nutritionist, laser removal services etc).

This concept is so unique, that, upon creating a solid operational flow, it could be franchised. This Spa is poised for further growth. It has actually almost no competition at its level. along with a great cross-sell system in place, among all the services this business offers, the brand-new owner could significantly increase the net profit.

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