Supplement Vitamin 100k Customer Database

I am selling my customer data base of over 100,000 customers from a popular website. I have actually done business along with them for over 7 years as a contractor for sales and have actually an established reputation and high customer return ratio. I am looking to start one more business. I would certainly not mind partnering along with a supplement company and could do contracting job for you running a livechat operation on your website to welcome these brand-new customers to your business. This would certainly provide me a opportunity to bring them in and get them on an autoship program that they are use to.

This is a turnkey customer list and will certainly start making you money on your site right away. I am only asking $30,000.00 which is well worth it to any current supplement provider. You will certainly make 20 times the asking price in a short amount of time. Please call Jon 281-305-8012 along with any questions.

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